Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP)

Introducing "ABRACADABRA," the captivating debut album by Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP), a dynamic music collective hailing from Norway. Within its 10 mesmerizing instrumental tracks, a fusion of jazz-funk and sensually progressive neo-soul takes centre stage, showcasing the group's exceptional artistry and musical prowess. Notably, two tracks on the album, numbers 3 and 7, feature the spellbinding performances of the esteemed guest artist Manuel Churión, who effortlessly weaves his magic on bass and sitar, adding an enchanting dimension to the sonic tapestry.

Embracing artistic brilliance in every aspect, "ABRACADABRA" boasts a cover art masterpiece crafted by the gifted Norwegian artist Håkon Holm-Olsen. This visually captivating artwork holds its own, intriguingly complementing the music's allure. Immerse yourself in the evocative melodies and grooves, enhanced by the vinyl's physical manifestation.

The album's initial release on 180-gram vinyl showcases the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to the environmental sustainability of RPM Records, the esteemed pressing plant responsible for its creation. The vinyl itself exhibits a mesmerizing colour gradient, transitioning seamlessly from black to red, serving as a visual representation of the album's sonic journey. Each vinyl copy is individually numbered and includes a cherished obi-strip, emphasizing the uniqueness and collectibility of this musical gem.

Now, with its availability across various streaming platforms, "ABRACADABRA" extends its captivating allure to a global audience. Experience the seamless fusion of jazz-funk and sensually progressive neo-soul, expertly crafted by Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP) and their talented guest artist Manuel Churión. Embark on a sonic voyage that transcends boundaries and ignites the senses, as this remarkable debut album leaves an indelible mark on the world of contemporary music.

Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP) demonstrates their ingenuity in the arrangement of their debut album, "ABRACADABRA." The album cleverly commences with the track "A," and from there, each subsequent track follows an alphabetical progression, culminating in the final track, "ABRACADABR." This deliberate sequencing adds an intriguing and satisfying twist to the album's concept, completing the titular word and enhancing the overall cohesion of art.

180-gram vinyl showcase of ABRACADABRA by Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP)

The opening track of this mesmerizing album is titled 'A.' This captivating piece embraces a light jazz ambience, captivating listeners with its delicate fusion of acoustic drums, soulful saxophone and guitar melodies, and the intricate plucking of the bass cello in a jazz pizzicato style. The synergy between these instrumental elements creates an enchanting soundscape that sets the tone for the immersive musical journey that lies ahead.

'AB' introduces a mesmerizing fusion of musical elements. The soothing bass glides gracefully intertwine with the ethereal high-pitched flute, creating a delicate and enchanting atmosphere. Complementing this melodic tapestry are the sparkling guitar tones, skillfully synchronized with the rhythmic pulse and percussion, enhancing the track's captivating rhythm.

The thematic journey continues with 'ABR', evolving into an irresistible earworm. The composition undergoes a revamp, propelling the energy to new heights. The keys skillfully outline the chord progression, providing a solid foundation for the fluid performances of the saxophone and bass, executed with ease. As the track progresses, the percussive effect of the wah pedal hits the eardrums, breathing life into the dynamic surroundings filled with tuneful notes and articulations. This interplay of instruments takes you on an interesting and catchy musical adventure.

'ABRA' spirals you into a whirlwind reminiscent of a rotating kaleidoscope. The instruments in the form of celestial bodies emit luminous rays of strings, infusing the composition with a comforting warmth that envelops you. Each note and melody shines like a beam of light, painting a vivid and bright yet gentle and calming picture. You can resist but embrace the luminous beauty and soothing atmosphere that nourishes the soul.

Tracks like 'ABRAC' and 'ABRACA' bring you into to a realm, where smooth keys infused with stereo tremolo create a captivating sonic landscape. The presence of more pronounced flute and bass influences adds depth to the composition, evoking a sense of acoustic richness and the vibrant liveliness of natural sounds. Amidst these organic elements, an underlying pulse of synths provides a subtle mystical resonance, seamlessly blending its own accent. The laid-back and relaxed rhythmic pace of the track sets the scene for instrumental echoes to resonate through the mind, sustaining the spacious effect of frequencies.

'ABRACAD,' a masterfully crafted piece, absorbs you in a mystical and cosmic flow. Within its profoundness, the arrangements and variations unfold like waves emanating from its endless ocean of melodies. Music becomes a conduit for enchantment, enveloping you in its awe-inspiring and magical theme. Sitar played by Manuel Churión adds a reverberating sentiment through its overtone-rich and highly expressive interpretation.

'ABRACADA' on the other hand, is where the core essence and perspective of the album are reignited, drawing upon familiar sounds infused with fresh riffs. Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP) has achieved an impressive feat, crafting a mix that not only showcases their musical prowess but also preserves the integrity and individuality of each instrument.

In a grand entrance, 'ABRACADAB' commands attention as the gain on the amplifier escalates. The beat takes on a slightly dominant presence, setting the foundation for the saxophone and bass to intertwine with the guitar distortion, gradually morphing into diverse forms with varying levels of impact. As the track progresses, the synergy between the instruments becomes palpable, creating a dynamic interplay that captures the listener's imagination. The saxophone and bass find their place amidst the evolving guitar distortion, revealing new dimensions with each passing moment.

Ending with 'ABRACADABR', its 5/4 time signature adds a sense of complexity and tension, creating a captivating musical journey that defies traditional expectations. Amidst this rhythmic backdrop, the performance becomes even more fascinating within the context of this distinctive beat, showcasing the artistry and versatility of Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP). As the album nears its conclusion, a sense of satisfaction arises, only to be swiftly followed by a desire for more of this deeply emotive and contemplative style of artistic expression.

Definitely listen to 'ABRACADABRA' by Polyphonic Exophilia (PPXP).