In the hallowed halls of music history, certain songs possess an otherworldly essence that transcends time and space. Amongst these gems lies the enigmatic masterpiece, 'That's What You Do' by the visionary artist, Deckard Croix. As the world eagerly awaits the reissue of the psychedelic collaborative LP, 'Postnatal Noise Cocoon,' this singular single beckons us into a realm of auditory delights, where an angular piano-driven carriage of experimental art rock intertwines with interpretive wordplay, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.

At first listen, 'That's What You Do' seems to cast a spell, drawing us closer to its enigmatic core. The lyrics, penned by the enigmatic Deckard Croix himself, weave a tapestry of emotions and contemplation, taking us on an introspective journey. They reveal a profound realization about how we perceive others and how their shadows hold more truth than we might expect. Deckard appears to grapple with the consequences of knowing too much, yearning for liberation from the weight of secrets.

Amidst this cosmic soundscape, we encounter the enigmatic 'Jacqueline,' a mysterious figure who serves as a metaphor for something extraordinary yet enigmatic. The juxtaposition of 'dreaming after dark' paints a captivating image of a hidden world where desires and truths entwine, beyond the confines of daylight reality. The promise of something tangible, when Jacqueline departs, tantalizes our curiosity, hinting at a hidden depth to the relationship.

Throughout the verses, the lyrical brilliance of Deckard Croix shines brightly, revealing the intricacies of human connections and emotions. 'Trembling every trial - that's what you do,' the words resonate with anyone who has experienced the palpitations of uncertainty and fear in the face of challenges. The analogy of withering like a 'flower with aphids' exposes vulnerability, illustrating how emotions can be both tender and fragile, subject to the ravages of life's hardships.

As we delve deeper into the song, we discover the names 'Brian' and 'Mary,' embodying the notion of secrets shared among the few, while the rest of the world remains blissfully unaware. The intimacy of these shared confidences creates a bond that defies the ordinary, and Deckard Croix masterfully captures this hidden world through his poetic prowess.

In the end, the magic of 'That's What You Do' lies in its ability to leave an indelible imprint on our souls, making us yearn for more of Deckard Croix's musical alchemy. It is a sonic voyage that will forever linger in our hearts, beckoning us to explore the depths of our emotions and embrace the enigmatic mysteries that lie within and around us.

So, dear listeners, brace yourselves for the forthcoming reissue of 'Postnatal Noise Cocoon,' for within its grooves, you shall discover the transcendental wonders of 'That's What You Do' – a symphonic marvel that will echo through the corridors of time, captivating generations with its beautiful, sentimental, and extraordinary allure.