weekdays on the beach - 'going strong'

Weekdays on the Beach has crafted a mesmerizing opus in the form of 'going strong,' an amalgamation of musical genres that intertwines the ethereal allure of Bedroom pop, indie electronic soundscapes, and the enchanting depths of dream pop. This transcendent creation effortlessly traverses sonic landscapes, enveloping listeners in a resplendent tapestry that entices them to surrender to its profound and heartfelt charm.

Nestled at the core of "Going Strong" lies a lyrical narrative that weaves an enchanting tale of unforeseen love, beautifully articulated through introspective verses. The composition deftly captures the intrusion of an entrancing presence, swiftly disrupting the meticulously crafted existence. The words effortlessly summon forth the delicate vulnerability and stupefaction that accompanies such a profound encounter.

As the harmonies unfurl, the lyrics delve deeper into the complexities of this newfound connection, portraying the internal strife, delicately evoking the struggle to resist the allure of this compelling individual. It encapsulates the yearning to traverse the uncharted territories of shared emotions, while exuding an ethereal resonance that resonates within the listener's soul.

The song exquisitely captures the paradoxical nature of their connection. It reveals the  surprise at the depth of their bond, defying their initial belief that they could never bridge the divide. It is a profound realization, accompanied by a symphony of emotions that resonates with the listener's own experiences of love's unpredictable nature. Finally, the song celebrates the transformation of uncertainty into unwavering determination. This shift in tone marks a turning point, as the song embraces the love that has blossomed, finding solace in the conviction of their shared path.

The delicate blend of atmospheric textures, pulsating electronic beats, and shimmering guitars creates a soundscape that mirrors the emotional journey. The dream pop elements infuse the composition with a hazy and otherworldly ambiance, evoking a sense of floating in a vast ocean of emotions. The intricate production allows each layer to breathe, resulting in a lush and immersive sonic experience.

Weekdays on the Beach's "Going Strong" is a remarkable achievement, both lyrically and musically. It delves into the depths of human connection, capturing the essence of unexpected love and the transformative power it holds. With its captivating fusion of genres and evocative storytelling, this enchanting composition casts a spell on the listener, inviting them to immerse themselves in a profound and ethereal musical journey.

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About weekdays on the beach:

Conceived from the love of life and obsession with all things music, weekdays on the beach is a passion project representing the serendipitous intersection of two artists’ paths to self-discovery. Born and raised just minutes from the west coast, the weekdays (Russell Fong & Amanda Inouye) have spent their weekdays on the beach and their weekends performing music for as long as they can remember. 

Like binary stars, the two dominate their own artistic sphere but revolve around each other– a rare illustration of true synthesis and artistic integration. Fong, an uncompromising classically trained musician and self-taught producer/engineer, approaches every aspect of his artistry with a limitless mindset; from sources of inspiration to genre to number of synths in production, if boundaries exist, they were made to be broken. Singer, songwriter, and sound designer Inouye pairs soft and sweet vocals with intimate, introspective lyrics, often drawn to the more nuanced emotions the universe offers. A perfect blend of nostalgia and deja vu, the sound of the weekdays is reminiscent of a song you’ve heard in a dream a million times before.

weekdays on the beach

The release of the band’s debut single, “going strong”, marks the beginning of a new chapter in a lifelong journey. Decades spent dancing to the rhythm in their heads has ultimately led to years spent bringing their vision to life and their music to fruition. Incorporating collective life experiences, beliefs, and core memories into their work, the weekdays extend their true selves and their lives by sharing what they love most with the rest of the world.