Aria - 'Smile'

'Smile,' a captivating collaboration between Aria and Ariel Jones, emerges as a celebration of camaraderie and shared elation. It is a symphony of sounds that traverses cultural divides and eras. More than a mere song, it is an auditory tapestry that beckons listeners to join a global dance, intertwining cultures and generations through the universal language of movement.

The Latin rhythms at the core of the composition evoke a sense of nostalgia, evoking an era when couples would sway in unison, and communities would gather to revel in life's fleeting moments. This tapestry is interwoven with elements of various melodic instruments, invoking the spirit of transcendent sound.

The lyrics, thoughtfully crafted by Nicolette Turner, infuse love with resilience and unity. Amidst the intricacies of misunderstandings and missed opportunities, the potency of a smile becomes a beacon of hope. The song encapsulates the healing prowess of an honest smile.

In a world grappling with isolation and suffering, this melody arrives as an embodiment of human strength, encouraging us to work together to discover remedies that lead to shared contentment.

Aria's meticulous arrangement lays the foundation, while the 12-string guitar by Marco Lelpo and the electric guitar by Cory Clark add depth. Rhythmic brilliance is embodied by drummers Cosobatero and Tom Rossi, while the Brazilian and Texan brass sections infuse vibrant layers.

The soulful bandoneon by Francisco Mart├Čnez and Joseph Patrick Moore's bass lines create a fusion of funk, jazz, and R&B. Phil Madeira's Hammond organ adds timeless charm. Together, these talents craft a composition that transcends borders, captivating hearts and echoing the universal message of unity and joy.

At its essence, "Smile" bears a profound message – an affirmation that love knows no bounds, ages, or seasons. The song doesn't shy away from acknowledging the complexities of relationships; rather, it asserts that a smile can transcend pain, confusion, and blame.

In a world grappling with the aftermath of a pandemic, "Smile" emerges as a dawn after a prolonged night – a chance to connect, heal, and thrive once more.

As you embrace 'Smile,' you're not merely listening to music; you're experiencing a dance of solidarity, an orchestra of collective humanity. Definitely listen to 'Smile' by Aria feat. Ariel Jones!