'How Many People Care?' by Levi Grxce.

Levi Grxce's voice is a vessel for pain, vulnerability, and resilience, pulling the listener into the depths of their experience. Each word is infused with passion and authenticity, making it impossible not to feel a deep connection to the song's themes.

The chorus resonates with anyone who has questioned the authenticity of their relationships and, in a moment of clarity, decided to prioritize self-worth and self-love. It's a powerful declaration of independence and a refusal to settle for anything less than genuine connection.

The overall lyrics of this song delve into the raw and unfiltered complexities of human relationships and the struggle to find genuine connections in a world that often feels superficial.

The opening lines, immediately strike a chord, echoing the universal yearning for authentic care and concern from others. Grxce's introspective lyricism invites us to reflect on the dynamics of trust, friendship, and personal boundaries.

Even the music provides versatility. From the melancholic and introspective moments of sad rap and lo-fi to the warmth and impact of the beats and synths along with catchy hooks, Grxce effortlessly blends these styles.

The brooding atmosphere hinting the immersive underground tone adds depth to the emotional narrative, while the melodic and dreamy elements provide a sense of ethereal beauty.

'How Many People Care?' is a song that genuinely reflects the desire to escape from the noise and confusion of life. Definitely listen to 'How Many People Care?' by Levi Grxce!