Michele Nobler

Michele Nobler's latest composition, 'What We Feel,' is a spellbinding foray into the domain of neoclassical instrumental music.

Nestled within the forthcoming album 'Glass Boxes,' this track transcends the boundaries of conventional piano melodies, offering you an immersive background that delves deep into the feelings hidden within us all.

'What We Feel' begins with a subtle, almost delicate piano introduction that gently lures you into its melancholic embrace.

The composition showcases Nobler's mastery of the piano, with each note thoughtfully placed, weaving a narrative that resonates with the soul.

As the song unfolds, the melody becomes increasingly intricate, full of sentiments that are often left unspoken. The neoclassical genre, with its fusion of classical and contemporary elements, serves as the perfect canvas for Nobler's musical storytelling.

The piano takes centre stage, its elegant simplicity enhancing the emotional depth of the piece. It's a melody that seems to speak directly to the heart, invoking feelings of nostalgia, reflection, and introspection.

'What We Feel' can serve as a beautiful backdrop while reading, allowing you to lose yourself in both the words on the page and the music in the air.

Moreover, it's a perfect accompaniment to moments shared with loved ones, adding an extra layer of emotion to any encounter. On the other hand, It can simply be a soothing soundtrack to life's daily moments, providing a sense of peace.

Performed in the Cathedral of San Leopardo in Osimo, Italy, the location adds a unique dimension to the song, infusing it with a sense of history and reverence.

It's as though the echoes of centuries past are harmonizing with Nobler's modern composition, creating a powerful and splendid listening experience.