The enchanting realm of this album is a transcending musical odyssey composed by the visionary Morten Poulsen. This album stands out as a luminous fusion, blending the timeless grace of classical choral arrangements with avant-garde, contemporary elements.

In this musical journey, every singer becomes a stroke on a canvas, collectively threading intricate and ethereal patterns. Each voice is an essential brushstroke, contributing to the creation of a mesmerizing sound.

The harmonies ebb and flow like gentle waves, carrying the listener on a journey through emotions and ideas. The voices, are meticulously trained and passionately directed, creating a piece of rich and vibrant music.

This remarkable album, brought to life by the exceptional talents of Chamber Choir Hymnia under the expert guidance of conductor Flemming Windekilde, unveils a soundscape of unparalleled magnificence and innovation.

Morten Poulsen's album offers a captivating start with "Shall I Compare Thee", in which the music explores the enduring nature of love, likening it to the beauty of nature and art. It's a celebration of love's brilliance.

"Laughing Song" is a whimsical ode to the merriment of the natural world. It vividly paints a world where the elements of the earth join in joyous celebration. The singers embody the theme, conveying the imagery of laughing woods, streams, and painted birds.

On the other hand, the third piece "A Cradle Song," tenderly lulls the listener into a world of maternal affection and infant innocence, painting a picture of warmth and comfort. Together, these first few songs intertwine a harmonious narrative of love's enduring splendour and the gentle embrace of maternal care.

Moving to "The Lamb," vocalists resonate with childlike wonder and reverence. Their rendition captures the essence of spiritual simplicity and purity that William Blake's poem embodies. Following this, Morten's next composition "Havsliv", weaves vivid imagery and coastal serenity, transporting the listener to a haven. The singers create a sensory experience of sand, sea, and sky.

Their rendition beautifully captures the yearning to transcend the limitations of mortal language and commune with the primordial source of creation.

Continuing with "Havsbön," the sound becomes a conduit for a profound spiritual journey, channelling longing and reverence expressed in Karin Boye's verses. Vocal harmonies resonate with ancient, unpronounceable words hidden within the deep swells of the sea.

As we keep going deeper into this album, we get to hear "Så tag mit hjerte", which is a vessel of raw emotion and vulnerability, echoing the profound sentiment expressed in Tove Ditlevsen's verses. It tenderly surrenders the heart, urging the recipient to handle it with care and gentleness.

Similarly, the eternal "Wild Nights – Nights!" takes us on an exhilarating voyage into the depths of passion and longing. The vocal cadence mirrors the tumultuous emotions of a heart that has found its long-awaited harbour.

In "The Falling of Leaves,", voices resonate with the poignant beauty of autumn and the melancholy of fading love, echoing the bittersweet sentiment found in the verses. Alongside, we also have elegantly performed "A Drinking Song", which captures the essence of life's simplest yet most profound pleasures, leaving us with a timeless truth to savour before the sands of time run out.

"Down By the Salley Gardens" is yet another hauntingly beautiful song composed by Morten that describes love and regret. The lyrics tell the poignant tale of a meeting in the Salley gardens, where two lovers crossed paths. It is a heart-wrenching reminder of the choices we make in youth and the tears that often follow when wisdom arrives too late.

"A Clear Midnight" serves as the poignant culmination of the album, with contemplation and reflection. As twilight descends, madness is replaced by a serene clarity.

The lyrics evoke a sense of transcendence, where the boundaries of light and darkness blur, leaving only an intangible knowledge of existence. It is a perfectly ruminant conclusion to the album.