Kejuanservin with his abstract trap music, translates the weight of complex struggles and the pain he carries on his shoulders.

Experimental trap music in this track defies conventional boundaries. Characterized by its hip-hop elements, the track has an distinctive beat with a melody that morphs and unleashes different feel as it goes.

The Kejuanservin's vocals have potential to portray the depth as Mitchxy's production provides a balance of various musical elements and strengthens the output.

As an artist, Kejuanservin wants to resonate with the raw, energetic nature of his music, as he connects with listeners on a profound level, reaching into the depths of the inner soul.

Reaching uncharted territories of genre bending, this is the track that can leave you with a sense of relatability while also being emotionally self-contained.

The rap aspect encompasses both rhythm and lyricism, free from rigid constraints, which allows the artist to maintain a deeply personal connection with the track.

The sound feels purely indie, balancing between its transendental undertone and conversational words. The quality actually starts to grow on you as you listen to this track on repeat.

Kejuanservin's performance exudes an unfiltered flow and a compelling sense of momentum. 'The man' effectively encapsulates Kejuanservin's internal struggle, aptly described as 'me against me.'

Definitely listen to Kejuanservin's new track 'The man' produced by Mitchxy.