Selfmade Stunner

An album that lets the music do the talking gives a performance that holds nothing back.

Starting with 'The 1 Not The 2' that indeed hits harder than a tommy gun, it portrays lyrics that slice through the beat like a sharp blade. This track showcases Stunner's unapologetic swagger.

The verses are candidly laid bare, with no inhibitions or filters applied, as Stunner raps seamlessly and effortlessly.

The track conveys a mix of credence and explicit imagery, proudly asserting that despite any doubts or naysayers, he has just released another hit song, showing his self-assuredness and determination. It's a provocative and bold track that leaves little to the imagination.

'2 Easy' comes with a heavy bass and beat crusing with a hypnotic flow. Stunner dismisses any competition with a nonchalant attitude, asserting his dominance over the rap game with confidence and opulence.

Stunner begins by bragging about the high-end sneakers on his feet, suggesting he belongs on Forbes' list of wealthiest individuals.

He acknowledges the presence of potential informants in his life but remains unfazed.

Stunner boasts about driving luxury Porsche vehicles and basks in the importance that his achievements has bestowed upon him, with three black trucks adding to his aura of authority.

There are references that alludes to both the blue hundred-dollar bills and a feeling of financial abundance.

He mentions a woman by his side, emphasizing her flawlessness, and proudly showcases his bling, signifying his financial victory.

It's a blend of braggadocio and wordplay, painting a vivid picture of a self-made artist reveling in his power of wealth.

Next track 'Hold Up' is a gripping and audacious exploration of the gritty realities of street life, delivered with lyrical precision.

Stunner commands attention from the very start, cautioning anyone who dares to disrespect him as he describes a world where consequences are swift for those who don't show respect.

The narrative takes a dark turn as Stunner describes the aftermath of his actions, with a haunting reference to a body like a seashell. The track concludes with a chilling image of Stunner sending a photo of the grim outcome.

'XXL' brings similar narrative like some previous tracks alongside street life, personal success, and unyielding conviction.

The track's intensity never wanes, making it an unfiltered, in-your-face anthem that encapsulates Stunner's bold and unapologetic approach to his music and life.

Stunner navigates themes of street credibility, caution against informants, and his journey from struggle, all while boasting about his stature as a rap 'goat.'

He asserts his dominance in the rap game, emphasizing his opulence, sexual prowess, and readiness to confront adversaries.

Continuing towards 'WYBA', the bass elevates with the kick bringing the heat to the pace.

The track defines the theme that puts Stunner under the light of authenticity, strongly going against the clout-chasing in the music industry.

This track stands as a bold and critical examination of the complexities of maintaining true artistry in a world often enamored with surface-level success.

Ending with 'Djuan Outro' this album clearly portrays the superiority of Selfmade Stunner and his impact and control over his art. He's not in the music game to play along with inauthentic motives.

It's an extraordinary piece of storytelling that captivates the listener from start to finish.