Selfmade Stunner fuck it
Selfmade Stunner has returned with a fresh album, featuring new samples, melodies, and a completely revamped vibe and style.

Starting with 'Play Me', a busy track with engaging instrumentals. With a classic beat, this track marks the beginning of the album. With gritty lyrics, this track dives into the twits and turns of relationships and desires. Despite the familiar subject matter, Selfmade Stunner's authentic and original voice shines through, captivating listeners with his energy and distinctive flow.

With the introduction of an unapologetic confidence and undeniable lyrical prowess, the second track 'They Need Me' kicks off. From the moment the groovy piano sets the stage, you taken on a rollercoaster of bold statements, clever wordplay, and intense energy.

Selfmade Stunner wastes no time in asserting his presence and ambition, expressing his impatience with waiting and his readiness to shake up the city. The song's unfiltered verses reflect an artist who is unafraid to speak his mind, addressing haters and detractors with unapologetic bravado.

Throughout the track, Selfmade Stunner showcases his self-assuredness and determination to rise to the top of the rap game. He doesn't shy away from controversial themes and maintains a confident and energetic flow throughout.

Up next, you have 'Party', a high-energy track that embodies the essence of celebration and living life to the fullest. The power of the beat and words is what reflects a carefree and fun-loving attitude.

Selfmade Stunner confidently takes the spotlight as the life of the party, asserting that he's the go-to guy when people are looking to make it rain with cash.

Besides the party vibes, the song subtly touches on motivations and roots, emphasizing Stunner's commitment to making a better life for his family. The lyrics also reveal a mix of ambition and resilience, painting a picture of an artist who's striving for success against the odds.

As 'Party' captures the essence of a good time, another powerful track 'Levels' delves into Selfmade Stunner's unwavering strength of will within the music industry. He raps into the notion that success is achieved through hard work and resolution.

Selfmade Stunner starts by emphasizing the dedication he's poured into his craft over the years, highlighting the sacrifices and effort he's made to pursue his dream.

He also addresses the haters who seem to question his motives or cast him as a villain, making it clear that his focus is on his own path to success. Its a track that shows that he is ready to rise above the competition and set new standards.

'Another Late Night' is yet another banger with a theme that dives deep into a range of life experiences and personal challenges. The lyrics have an unfiltered and raw perspective on issues such as adversity, resilience, and the trials of life.

Selfmade Stunner doesn't hold back, delivering hard-hitting verses filled with storytelling and a sense of urgency. He explores his past, including financial struggles, job loss, and the need to rely on oneself to overcome obstacles.

'Voice of the City' covers the harsh realities and challenges faced within the urban landscape. Its an eye opening commentary on the impact of violence, crime, and the struggles of city life. Selfmade Stunner stands alone, reflecting the isolation brought on by the traumatic experiences witnessed in the city.

He raps about a city plagued by death and despair, with mothers left to mourn the loss of their loved ones due to frequent homicides. It conveys the heartfelt prayers of those who care about the young men caught up in the dangerous streets, hoping they can find a way out and make it home safely.

It highlights the harsh truth of the city, where bad influences and jealousy can lead to tragedy. Stunner also touches on the pervasive envy and negative energy that can surround success, but he remains steadfast in his pursuit of music as an outlet for self-expression and focus.

The next track, 'Yes Ma'am' is a provocative and explicit track. It explores themes of desire, pleasure, and assertiveness in romantic relationships. The remarkable delivery is unapologetic and direct, showcasing Stunner's confident and candid approach to sexuality.

The verses underscores the passionate and intense nature of the relationship which emphasizes Stunner's desire for physical intimacy and doesn't shy away from expressing his needs. The lyrics also touch on a change in circumstances for a past partner, contrasting their previous living situation with her newfound connection to a wealthier individual.

Stunner doesn't hold back in his description of sexual encounters, using vivid imagery and wordplay to create a sensual atmosphere in the song. It's a bold and explicit track that embraces sensuality and desire with unfiltered candor. A theme that doesn't tiptoe around its subject matter.

Ending with 'FUCK IT', the album really encapsulates Selfmade Stunner's artistic approach towards intense and interesting narrative.

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