Second Choice's latest offering is an elusive nexus of balladic dimensions as it unfurls a symphony of sentiments from ethereal threads of sorrow and optimism.

The poetic verses and the soul-stirring voice of Dimi De San bring invocation to the 'Mother of this pathless world,' setting the stage for spiritual exploration. The narrative makes you lose yourself in the labyrinth of youth and fate embarks on a quest for a land, holding the promise of solace.

The shadows and darkness of steps echo the introspection from the lyrics, creating an atmosphere of both mystery and revelation.

Dimi De San's vocals in the composition, resemble a celestial presence that reaches into the depths of a melodic ocean, where each note sparkles like intricate droplets.

The performance breathes life through the words, transforming them into a visceral experience. The question, 'Was the land that searched, meant to be...?' lingers in the air, inviting contemplation on the themes of destiny and the eternal pursuit of one's place.

Fredrik Lindström's music crosses the edge of the universal language of harmony, more than a mere pleasant arrangement; it captures the sound of the human heart's desire for purpose and belonging.

Each instrument possesses a radiant glow and aura, casting a luminous quality upon the song, particularly imbued with the softness of acoustic and Rhode piano, and the rhythmic intensity of the drums, which gracefully fills the space.

In the harmonious fusion of musical excellence, 'Was it Meant to Be' embodies the transformative power of music, eloquently expressing nuanced feelings. This beautiful song explores the deep emotions and questions we face in life as we follow a character, like a poet or a singer, who is on a search to find a place where one truly belongs and can find peace.