Abhi Ananda

Abhi Ananda presents the sophomore album titled 'Melophile,' a musical creation exploring a deep appreciation for music.

As we begin, 'Daybreak' is our introduction to the album, and just the like luminous rays of the morning it pierces through the gloom, with a distant echo of guitars. This track begins your journey through this album with a cascade of shining sparks with brilliant flare.

'Meliora' brings you towards the warmth of piano, and freshness of snares, as you free fall into the depths of bass and guitars like sound blasting out from a deep mysterious abyss. It ends with a repetitive chant reminding you that all things are fleeting; release them. Towards better things, embrace improvement.

'Snowbound' evokes the chilly yet comforting breezes of winter. The melody remains memorable and brings clarity across the instrumental spectrum.

'In Reality' flows like a calming, dynamic river. Abhi Ananda mentions this track takes inspiration from neoclassical artists like Hania Rani and Olafur Arnalds. The track follows ‘The Radiohead Formula’, a composition approach featuring two distinct sections revisited with added instrumentations, a technique prevalent throughout the album.

Entering the boundless aura crafted by 'Fall In E Minor' and 'Greensleeves,' the melodies gently envelop you with spatial qualities. Centred on the piano, supported by gentle strings, these tracks deliver emotional impact, evoking personal memories.

Coming closer to the end of this album, the cosmic notes of 'Stargazing With You,' have the power to bring you to tears of sadness or joy. Ending with the ethereal track 'Won't Say Goodbye', it expresses a sense of reluctance or refusal to part ways.

This album is a canvas of Abhi's thoughtful interpretations as well as reflections on the enduring echoes of sentiment.

Read more about 'Melophile' by Abhi Ananda on his official blog post.

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