Flowers For Juno - Physical Culture
Flowers For Juno's is a compelling and relatable journey through the intricacies of love and longing, and the complexities of desire, portrayed as a relentless flame consuming all in its gaze.

Jack Wilson and Benj├│ James create a spellbinding mix that echoes the pain of broken trust and the mockery love endures in the face of lust.

Featuring a massive wall of distorted guitars, heavy basslines, and synthesizers linked to subtle atmospheric elements of gothic rock and metal music, the music screams the torment of desire that consumes and leaves its victims in a state of emotional turmoil.

Along with the track's fast pace, the drums have a thickness to them, leaving a mushroom cloud with their clout while the guitars get their astonishing spotlight moment during solo pieces.

The deep words that express the paradox of people sleeping together yet being wide awake, highlighting the struggle of giving much and gaining little in return. Especially the phrase 'All is fair in war and love' adds a touch of bitterness, underlining the harsh reality of romantic entanglements.

Its a universal theme of self-doubt, personally resonating with anyone who has questioned their worth in the eyes of someone they desire.

'Physical Culture,' gives you a solid taste of where the band is headed in terms of genre and sound. On the other hand, you also get a glimpse into the all-powerful, dynamic, energetic and forceful inception of their unified performance and display of their proficiency.

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