Good Spells

Good Spells is back again with a deep and thoughtful song that makes you think about how life can be uncertain and short. The lyrics ask a big question - what if the moment you're in right now is the last one? 

This idea creates a feeling of mystery and importance. It prompts us to think about the unpredictable nature of life and appreciate the moments we have. 

For those familiar with Good Spells' music, the unique style and production are instantly identifiable, except for a noteworthy twist in their latest release. This time, the vocals shine even more with a brighter and sharper quality, effortlessly rising above the melodic and rhythmic backdrop that forms a celestial dust of sound.

The distinctive sound signature of Spells' Lab is crafted through a combination of deep, resonant bass and a compelling beat, enveloped in an endless expanse of reverb and echoes.

The electronic melodies with sustaining piano, like vibrant rays of light, harmoniously navigate through this prism, refracting and dispersing into a spectrum of tones.

'Time Again' has a sense of suspense and makes you think about challenges and the passing of time. The music is also emotional and matches the mood of the lyrics, encouraging you to reflect on the value of time and the need to cherish every moment.

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