Lone Roman
Lone Roman's voice speaks from a conscious mind. A compelling narrative in this track is a story that many can relate to including the ups and downs of life, dealing with deception, and ultimately finding strength in letting go through self-discovery.

Its somber guitar, the deep bass and beat drives you into verses that depict the struggle of navigating treacherous waters, introducing a sense of introspection.

Lone chooses solitude over discontent, claming his icy throne, a metaphorical refuge from the warmth of insincere connections. Deciding to cut ties, Roman knows better than to play along with false friendships. It's like fighting hard and barely making it out alive.

The music has a gloomy tone of guitars interwined power of bass and the beat. Along with the chord progression the music gives out a strong contemplative feeling that is accurately channelised by the thought provoking lyrics. Nothing hits harder than such a reflective rap that makes Lone Roman's the voice of many.

As the track goes by, in the second verse, Roman raps about protecting oneself by building walls, but realizing that even the strongest defenses can crumble. Ignoring warning signs hits harder than a sudden betrayal, likened to a lightning strike - unexpected and powerful.

Furthurmore, the rap describes someone who's never there when needed, always arriving late and leaving Roman in the lurch. Despite this, Roman remains firm, knowing better, no matter the lies and criticism.

Finally, Lone refuses to be fooled by falsehood, acknowledging that though the lightning strike hurts, the track also brings clarity, guiding him towards self-awareness and resilience.

Combined with deep chasm of sounds emerging from the background of vocals, every aspect of this immersive song from addictive melodic rap to elevated production, 'Know Better' does its magic clearing the fog between you and your pensive awareness.

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