Dave Curl

In lockdown's quiet, we held onto hope and painted smiles on tough days, and now, stepping out, we're proof that we made it through, stronger together. With this mindset, Dave Curl presents his new song 'Lockdown' from his upcoming album.

The song talks about how tough it was during the COVID-19 pandemic. As it continues to express emotions you might have gone through during those times, Dave's song talks about feeling scared and schools closing down while lots of people were sad, but it seemed like not many cared.

The music has a serious tone as Dave's vocals describe the chaos and confusion, with illusions trying to keep us safe and sirens in the streets reminding us of urgent needs. Tensed guitar with a steady rhythm stays strongly consistent. A smooth flow of beats riding on top of the gritty, electric guitar-driven energy of rock.

Dave also shares his personal experiences, like talking to himself because of the loneliness and feeling like he's being watched. One thing that felt intense is that the song repeats the idea that it's just another lockdown, as if you are stuck in a loop as things keep getting tough over and over again.

There are some lighter moments, like the funny idea of monkeys in his head telling Dave to get vaccinated. It can be a metaphor that the world has gone a bit crazy, as he talks about being stuck in his room and not being able to take it anymore.

Despite all the challenges, there's a feeling of hope as the song continues. Dave thoughtfully mentions reaching out to friends for help, and even though there's nowhere to go, it's a shared experience.

'Lockdown', a song that started as a throwback of dark times, ends on a positive note as the song takes you for a walk outside and brings back the feeling of seeing a beautiful blue sky with fewer planes, giving the Earth a break.

Hidden behind all the musical and lyrical artistry, this song is like a page from Dave Curl's personal diary with moments of chaos, loneliness, and hope during times of pandemic.

In his upcoming album 'Lockdown - Seven Nations', Dave worked with seven rappers from seven different countries. They each added their own verses to go along with Dave's powerful chorus.

This album talks about the COVID-19 times on a local, national, and worldwide level. For Dave, these songs have a special message, showing the emotions and thoughts of different artists in a creative way.

More than that, they represent strength and hope, showing that we can overcome the challenges of the pandemic. The various rap versions in seven languages make this album really unique, highlighting how music can bring people together in different ways.

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