Photo of Diane Arkenstone by Andrea Fine.

Nothing will take you on a peaceful journey to magical dreams like this stunning and sonorous track. It's as if time has gracefully slowed down and you're completely absorbed in this magical soundtrack.

Diane effortlessly cradles the expansive universe of sounds in the palm of her hands, guiding you into the richness of this ethereal music that invites you to surrender yourself to its depth. The soft synth pads gradually emerge as the track unfolds, revealing a voice that can only be described as truly spellbinding.

Diane's vocals carry a distinctive style, echoing her passion for opera singing as the voices scatter, reaching beyond dimensions. The introduction gracefully lifts the sentimental ambiance, reminiscent of a tranquil drop in calm water.

Simultaneously, the percussive rhythm initiates ripples, gradually articulating and transforming into a contemporary beat. Moving forward, rhythmic flow becomes prominent, providing a solid foundation.

The warmth of bass, strings, and subtle bells gracefully meld together. The bass rubbles and flows with dominance, the grand landscape of strings boast an orchestral quality, and the overall composition is enriched with layers of dynamic and individual instrumentals.

The wizardry of such a composition gives a sense of mysticism. Adequate reverb, time-delay and compression effect gives you a perfect production quality that balances between attenuating, reflecting and simulating the sound of echoes.

'Myth is Magic' is just a small part of a larger catalogue of Diane's new album 'Aquaria II: Ascension', released on 2nd February 2024. Diane explains the inspiration behind the album, saying, "Aquaria reflects the essence of femininity, love, and nurturing, which is particularly relevant now. 'Aquaria II: Ascension,' the new album, signifies the growth, ascent, and fortification of these qualities. Water symbolises spirit and self, and our dreams of water are symbolic of our own spirit".

This track is known for its relaxed and soothing vibes featuring slow tempos, atmospheric soundscapes, and a mellow overall feel. 'Myth is Magic' by Diane Arkenstone creates a calm and laid-back atmosphere, making it remarkable for relaxation music.

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