Joseph Rutakangwa
Joseph brings you an empowering poetic song that resonates with simplicity and encouragement. It's the melody that tells you to pick yourself up, stand tall, and rediscover the strength you had before facing setbacks.

With strumming guitar, rumbling drums and spatial piano, Joseph's vocals sit right in the center of all emotions and feelings rising from the silence and heading towards the symphony of sounds.

The verses encourages you to march towards greatness, insisting that the power to do so is already inside you. It pushes you to summon your strength and move towards where you truly belong.

The idea of fighting with determination and embracing confidence in your dreams is highlighted. It urges you to unleash your inner strength to get to where you want to be.

Joseph emphasizes listening to your heart as it holds the voice of your dreams. The repeated phrase "Hear the sound of great" acts like a chant, reinforcing the idea that you have greatness within you.

The music and lyrics in this song go really well together. Production is on point with many subtle variations arranged beautifully. The use of simple yet evocative language allows the audience to connect with the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

'The Sound of Great' is an inspirational song that gives you the strength to achieve greatness, as it encourages you to believe in your own potential.

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