An infectious funk instrumental track brought to life by the musical genius of Omer B and a stellar lineup of artists. Omer B's skill in both guitar playing and mixing ensures a professional touch to the entire composition.

It elevates the rhythmic tension that propels you to move along with its call-and-response patterns, percussive elements, and a distinct sense of interplay among musicians. This unmistakably energetic track gives a short yet astonishing richness of funk music, translating self-expression into a seamless sequence that feels like artfully improvised sections.

Mariam Kubanski lays down a solid foundation with instinctively human and authentically natural bass grooves that complement Omer's guitar. Andrea Ciaccio's hold on rhythm with a dynamic and precise drum performance adds a lively dimension and drives the momentum forward.

Abramo Riti, on the Hammond, adds a touch of vintage charm to the mix. Its subtle presence is enough to add more emotion and atmosphere that is both nostalgic and contemporary. Finally, with Kara Greskovic's mastering skills, 'Orange Jam' covers every nuance of the performance, allowing room for each instrument to shine.

Artists love playing it, and that means you're in for an even more enjoyable listen.

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