Tony Venuto
Tony Venuto's latest album, 'City and Sand,' is the perfect way to bring in the New Year and make a fresh start. Tony takes charge of his vocals and guitar skills, setting the tone for the entire album.

The opening track, 'Go To The Light', serves as a powerful anthem for finding hope during challenging times. It will encourage you to seek solace and strength in the face of darkness, emphasizing the idea that choosing positivity and embracing the light within can lead to a brighter outcome. This track becomes a beacon of resilience, reminding everyone to stay hopeful and navigate through life's difficulties with a positive mindset.

The album's grand opening immediately sets the tone for an energizing and positive experience, with the subtle nuances of funk evident in the guitar and rhythmic flow.

Next, you come across 'You Can Come Home,' a deep connection with someone who played a pivotal role in lifting you up during moments of loneliness and struggle. The song is a heartfelt reflection on finding comfort in hard times. The music itself, with its array of guitar tones, skillfully plucks at strings that traverse the boundless emotional spectrum.

This track continues the recurring theme that, when feeling lost or tired of being alone, there's a place to return, a comforting metaphorical home. The verses go back to resilience, acknowledging difficult times but emphasizing the enduring strength of the relationship.

'Imaginary' is a song of self-exploration and the overwhelming impact of external influences. The song carries a dreamy, sombre ambiance, featuring expansive background vocals that seamlessly merge their harmonies with Tony's soothing voice.

The sound resonates throughout the never-ending valley of musical elements as it depicts someone withdrawing from the race of life, searching for a place that feels like home amidst a sea of distorted images and deceptive narratives. The song reflects on the manipulation and complications one faces, emphasizing the disconnection between what is seen and what is truly felt. As the truth gets buried and uncovered, the urgency to escape becomes evident.

From questioning the authenticity of the world portrayed while underscoring the palpable reality of personal feelings, we move towards a lighter track, 'My Love For You'. Welcoming chord progression with warmth of love, this song is a sweet discovery of a special connection, starting with an awkward street-crossing moment and evolving into shared strolls, deep conversations under the stars, and the joys of marriage and parenthood.

Big, bassy drums and a deep bass line amplify the rhythm alongside the traditional guitar sound, steering clear of distortion. This delicate balance highlights instrumental and vocal layers and evokes a sense of freedom while preserving a subtle emotional resonance. With a sincere and tender tone, Venuto expresses the feeling of love that remains unwavering, even as life unfolds with its ups and downs. It's a track that celebrates the simplicity and depth of true love.

'40th Day Of Rain' is an excellent example of story-telling that navigates you through life's challenges and responsibilities under the constant downpour. The music has experimental excellence with percussion-like sounds and prominent keyboard elements seamlessly blending with the guitars, all complemented by smooth background vocals, of course.

Experience the weariness of a day brimming with work and unforeseen challenges, symbolized by the relentless rain. Apart from the trials, a glimmer of hope emerges with the mention of a smile exchanged during a goodbye. A phone call from a disgruntled boss adds pressure, creating an urge to persist through the demanding nature of the job.

The lyrics cleverly weave together the mundane tasks and the emotional toll, highlighting the determination to press on. Musically, the track complements the theme with its rhythm, capturing the ebb and flow of daily struggles and the anticipation of brighter moments in the night.

The sixth track, 'Coast To Coast,' ventures into contemplation and exploration. Depicting a scene of someone standing on the edge of a cliff, prompting thoughts about the choices they might make, this song urges the individual to shake off the burdens and go for a ride, steering away from darker paths. A hard-hitting pace, a catchy chorus, and tight distortion contributes to a carefree entry in this album.

The sound and overall music of this track gives you a desire to travel and play freely, counterbalanced by a reflection on the fleeting nature of life and its unexpected turns. On other hand, this song is also a cautionary tale about building walls around one's life, emphasizing the potential consequences of isolation. It mirrors the sense of journey with its racing tempo and the dynamic interplay of guitars, chasing away ghosts and embracing life's uncertainties.

We slowly enter the relm of disillusionment of entering the workforce after years of education as 'Cubicle Nightmare' creeps in as it gets instantly relatable. From the excitement of seeking employment downtown to the harsh reality of being farmed out as a temp, this track accurately pulls you in the mundane and often soul-crushing experience of office life. The monotony of gray and blue cubes may symbolize the routine and lack of individuality in the corporate world.

This song critiques the system where hard-earned money is taken away, leaving workers in the dark about its destination. However, there's a call for change, to tear down the cubes, let sunlight in, and break free from the oppressive routine. It's a rallying cry against conformity and a plea for individuality and freedom in the face of corporate world.

There is always something nostalgic in the raw authenticity of this album. The production elevates longing and reflection, reminiscent of the indie rock heydays, while also incorporating a contemporary flair that makes it a timeless album.

'Let It Go,' continues to highlight the theme of liberation from societal expectations and personal inhibitions. Set against the backdrop of a Saturday night walk, the lyrics advocate for shedding doubts and embracing the dance floor with abandon. The chorus serves as a powerful reminder to release negativity and frustrations, preventing them from accumulating and causing explosive outcomes.

The song encourages letting go of the need to conform, illustrated by various scenarios where one must release resentments, anxieties, and the desire for external validation. Rather than pairing profound lyrics with somber music, the music opts for a lighter tone, inviting the audience to delve inward and uncover the depth of its meaning.

Getting closer to the end of this amazing album, we have 'Flamethrower', about a dynamic and assertive woman entering the scene with undeniable confidence. As she strides into the room, the song likens her impact to that of a flamethrower, symbolizing her power to expose the truth and challenge the status quo.

The laid-back vocals exude a communicative personality, effortlessly connecting with you and conveying a sense of ease and approachability. The verses holds admiration for her strength and independence, emphasizing her ability to confront and reshape reality. This song has courage to blaze a trail of truth amid societal expectations. The music for this album just keeps evolving, always bringing something fun and new to listen to without distracting the message.

As this journey comes to an end, one final track, 'Ocean', tells a story of someone dealing with difficulties and trying to find peace by the sea. The song beautifully describe how the person, feeling overwhelmed by friends and life, seeks refuge at the ocean. The chorus emphasizes the passage of time and the struggle within. But, towards the end, there's indeed a dramatic turn as the story shifts to a moment of tragedy, symbolized by the specter of death approaching.

Exploring the themes of solitude, yearning, and the inevitable march of time, the enriching quality of music slowly slowly hints towards the conclusion to this album. The strumming acoustic guitar radiates a coastal ambiance, fueled by the vibrant guitar tones and rhythmic elements that evoke the essence of the beach, especially strumming acoustic guitar.

The music is elevated by the talents of Tim Lefebvre on bass, Victor Indrizzo on drums, Tori Elliott adding background vocals, and Liam Howland rocking it as the lead guitarist and keyboardist.

Tony not only produced and composed, but also wrote the lyrics for these tracks. The album has a perfect sequence, taking you through different experiences, adventures and beautiful storytelling lyricism.

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