Bruce Mack
Releasing on 1st March 2024, this upcoming party song by Bruce Mack a.k.a B-MACK brings you playful rhythms and infectious beats from the funky elements, catchy basslines, and instrumental patterns to create a delightful ambience, perfect for getting your groove on.

With its energetic and positive vibe, it's the kind of song that makes you want to forget all your worries. Filled with melodically vibrant and creative expressions, it's an invitation to a fun event, urging you to savour life's happiness and moments of pure enjoyment.

Written, performed and produced by Bruce, the vocals are dynamic and soulful, delivering expressive and occasionally hypnotic improvisations, aligning with the theme of having a wonderful time.

Art by Sheldon Stephens. 'Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse'

The music embraces a joyous and festive atmosphere, smoothly transitioning from melody to beat. The lyrics have a cheerful flavour talking about the Crabhouse, where people get their feet moving and enjoy a dance. The place described is so enticing that even firefighters would like to join and want the experience.

The mention of a train by the riverside and a boat ride to Ol’ Jumpfish Creek adds a touch of adventure, metaphorically telling you that the journey to this spirited spot is as important as the destination.

The song genuinely invites you to be part of the fun, let loose, and relish the pleasures of great company, music, dancing, and some tasty food. It's a feel-good anthem of a memorable gathering.

'Duckgrease Burning At The Crabhouse' carries the emotions conveyed as one of exuberance, celebration, and a shared appreciation for a unique and lively occasion, highlighted by the reference to the flavorful and greasy delights of duck confit.

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