Deja Renee

Deja's new song brings you the sound of her heartbeat with echoes of her emotions travelling through soulful melodies and emotive vocals.

Clean guitar riffs and heavy bass elevates the rhythm which is one of the essential parts of such a resonating RnB song. With a strong emphasis on the beat and groove, the music has a powerful focus on rhythm and feel, featuring Deja's natural voice and meaningful, relatable lyrics.

In this song, Deja is someone who left her past behind to start anew. She's finding it tough, feeling alone and uncertain. The music compliments her beautiful vocals with the flow of verses and chorus, expressing the difficulty of beginning again, the search for meaning, and the hope that, eventually, things will get better.

Despite the hardship, a glimmer of hope for a great future and the eventual fading of the current feelings of isolation and uncertainty is what 'Starting Over' tells you. It's a subtle glimpse into Deja's sentimental writing, exploring the sentimental side and the experiences that have shaped her.

'Starting Over' is just a snippet from Deja's upcoming anticipated album, 'Starting Over,' which will be out on February 16, 2024. This album will be a collection of songs that are essentially about love, with a mix of both melancholic and joyful themes. Deja mentions this EP as - "a story of lost love and newfound love".

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