Haas Holiday Band

Haas Holiday, the Southern Rock sensation from Paducah, Kentucky, is gearing up to release their brand-new song, 'Scream,' in March 2024.

The grand entry into this track can only be described as the sound that could knock down walls. Leading with Luke Braden's guitar riff, the rhythm and the melody slowly come into the spotlight.

And then, like Thor striking his hammer, Jacob Mc Daniel's drums hit like thunder, instantly starting a moshpit in your head.

Heavy on the bass, it's not just the boomy kick, but also Richard Marks' bass guitar that fuels the heat to this track. You can almost hear the slap bass technique in the first pattern merging into the chorus.

There is no overediting to force everything to match up or align the instruments perfectly, as to make it sound flawless would ruin that natural feel they've got going on. They're all playing for the love of the music after all and the natural flow of this song is just so good!

Luke Braden also recorded the vocals, and they soar above everything, commanding your attention with every word. His voice is like a beacon in the storm, guiding you through the adrenaline-fueled frenzy of the music.

The bridge section has one of the greatest segments of this track elevated by a guitar solo with a sick wah pedal and tons of distortion. This track just keeps giving more and more energy just when you think it's about to end!

'Scream' is about being deceived and manipulated by someone who was thought to be trustworthy. The realisation of being under a spell, and believing the lies that were told in the past, all lead towards the finding out the truth and warns you to be careful as the deceiver won't be able to maintain their deceitful behavior for long.

The words are sharp and unfiltered while being filled with anger and frustration towards the betrayer who has been lying and cheating. The song wants you to break free from the grip of such people and their manipulation and regain your freedom. It expresses a desire to scream out their feelings and call out the traitors for their dishonesty. Straight to the face, 'Scream' holds nothing back!

Haas Holiday's upcoming track 'Scream' is releasing soon, stay tuned on their YouTube and social media platforms for updates.

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