'Symphony of Terror' by Second Choice.
Second Choice is back with another powerful song that brings back the iconic vocals and lyricism of the duo Dimi De San and Fredrik Lindström.

This song will take you to a place cloaked in darkness with its music, where even the moonlight doesn't penetrate fully. The melodic, distorted and acoustic guitars create an atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty as the words start to unfold their meaning.

The impactful yet subtle influence of drums is marked by various rhythmic articulations and variations. Each section feels unique and is merged with seamless transitions. Additional layers of piano and Rhodes add warmth to the fierce vocals.

What makes this song special is how the composer uses different musical techniques to make it sound dynamic by including scalar transposition and music that changes as the narrative goes on. Everything including the vocals is performed with a deep understanding of where vehemence is needed to make you feel the 'Symphony of terror'.

The vocals are outstanding, portraying a chilling and scary place where it's dark and spooky, and people feel very scared and sad. It's like they're stuck in a never-ending nightmare, with shadows and demons all around. Even though they're scared, they can't escape.

The wind makes eerie sounds, and there's a feeling of sadness and despair in the air. In the end, everything feels hopeless, like there's no way out of the darkness.

In the middle of the howling wind and the whispers of the cursed, a haunting melody of this song makes its way through the night. It's a song that speaks of pain and torment, a constant reminder of the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

As poetic as it can get, the song comes to an end, the curtains fall, bringing an end to the spectacle. But for those caught in the nightmare's embrace, there is no escape. Their fate is sealed, their lives consumed by the darkness that surrounds them.