Lilvzexy is dropping his brand new album called 'The Long Road Home' and is set to hit the airwaves on February 29, 2024. As an independent artist with his record label, V Zexy Records, this EP holds a special place in his heart as you flip through some pages of his memories, all while receiving a strong message of embracing who you are, no matter what.

It all begins with the track 'Rebirth', a Hip-Hop/Rap song inspired by Nathan John Feuerstein aka NF, where strings collide into beautiful melodies. Evolving slowly into the powerful range and impact of an orchestra, the music starts to get intense with Lilvzexy's vocals taking full control of the narrative. Accompanied by the piano as well as the subtle energy of the soprano, this track has musical and lyrical depth to its finest!

'Rebirth' is about the personal struggles of the Lilvzexy. The lyrics express the deep emotions and personal struggles of the individual. He talks about pushing himself to his limits, striving for a new beginning - 'Rebirth', and dedicating his life to telling his story. He's faced many challenges, trying to fix his problems but feeling like he can't fully succeed. Despite this, he's found a glimmer of hope through his struggles.

He feels like he's constantly giving his all, seeking love and trust in return, but often ends up disappointed. He reflects on his past, wondering if he'd still be the same person without the hardships he's endured, with all his flaws and scars.

The song speaks of isolation, mental health struggles, and the passage of time, with Lilvzexy acknowledging 20 years of various experiences, both good and bad. It's an expression of desire for growth and change while acknowledging the difficulty of moving forward.

'Foxes And Dragons' brings a completely different sound that shows Lilvzexy's versatility. Music is smooth and warm mix of looped instrumental, boosted by bass and heavy beat. With a fast-paced rhythm, the vocals are a collaboration of many amazing artists like McX YT as the producer and VoxFox, a prominent figure in the furry fandom whose talent shines through with his guitar and harmonica skills honed since the mid '90s.

This song covers both sides of the same genre extremely well - Indie as well as Pop! It symbolises Lilvzexy's connection to the furry fandom community and the importance of embracing one's true self.

'Foxes And Dragons' holds Lilvzexy close to heart as in this song he is feeling like an outsider and struggling with loneliness. He compares himself to a dragon, feeling alone despite trying to be loyal and honest. The song mentions 'foxes' as symbols of companionship and protection, but also acknowledges losing friends and feeling disconnected from their old sense of home.

The imagery of dragons and foxes could depict the various personas or characters within the fandom that Lilvzexy identifies with or finds comfort in. The narrative mentions the supportive and protective nature of the furry community for its members and guidance through their shared interests and personas.


'Everything' is a Pop gem and the next song gently slows things down with soothing piano. Master engineer Ryan Palma adds the perfect finishing touches to this soulful track with Lilvzexy's deeply involving voice.

'Everything' is a song that describes a deep and meaningful connection between two people, despite the challenges they face. Lilvzexy expresses how his partner made him feel loved and safe, even in moments of silence. Lilvzexy acknowledges the efforts made to strengthen the love but ultimately realises that sometimes things don't work out, despite their best efforts.

It's a song about longing and nostalgia for the love they once shared, highlighting the impact it had on them. Even though they have to go their separate ways, Lilvzexy still holds onto the memories and the good he saw in his partner. It reflects on the bittersweet nature of love and the importance of cherishing what was while moving forward.

Closing out the EP is this awesome EDM and Techno instrumental called 'Ghost'. Produced by Deast, it's like diving into an ocean of music, where waves of synth and rhythm wash over you. The tight, hypnotic, and addictive composition is catchy, with each note bringing both excitement and contemplation. A track that is traditionally powerful and serves its dopamine-inducing purpose of setting you free from all your worries!

This journey of four tracks feels like an unforgettable tale of Lilvzexy's art. It's no surprise that an EP like 'The Long Road Home' creates a heartfelt atmosphere with its sincere writing, performances, and production. Lilvzexy proves that he is not just an artist, but a storyteller with tales of love, resilience, and personal growth.

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