A.R. Tokin'
The title track 'MEANER THAN EVIL' is a clear-cut introduction to the narrative of how life can be really tough and unfair. The music itself is wrapped up in deep and contemplative melodies of piano and synths, letting the fire of thought-provoking and conscious rap of A.R. Tokin'. Thumping bass with the recipe of 808s completed by snappy hi-hats and snare brings a hard-hitting intensity of rhythm.

The rap not only portrays the peak performance of A.R. Tokin' and Robec the Genius as the featured artists but also how both of these artists convey the message with their superior control over rhyme schemes and flows. It's the perfect balance of verses and the hook that gives this track a firm structure apart from its excellent lyricism.

Speaking of the lyrics, it covers a harsh and unforgiving world, but also one where individuals find ways to navigate and survive, even in the face of overwhelming challenges. A.R. Tokin' raps about how people manage to survive despite the challenges. He mentions how some folks resort to doing bad things to get what they want, even if it hurts others.

Powerful individuals exploit resources like oil for their gain, making it seem acceptable. The song sheds light on the struggles of those who feel neglected by society. Despite hardships, people find the strength to persevere, even if it means doing things they wouldn't normally do.

Some symbolism and references in this first track are really interesting. Like the Evel Knievel reference, which acts as a metaphor for living boldly and taking risks in a perilous world. The symbolism of hands in the soil represents emotions of grounding or resilience around chaos and turmoil with a need to stay rooted and connected to one's origins.

The ghost town imagery is the depiction of emptiness and isolation felt by Tokin', relating to the people marginalized or overlooked by society, highlighting the sense of alienation and neglect. There are self-aware bars that critique materialism, rap about the cycle of violence and exploitation and bring the cultural and social commentary of A.R. Tokin' to light.

It is a heavy dose of complex and insightful reflections on life from A.R. Tokin''s perspective.

This is just the beginning, as after a banger of a track, we move on to the next one - 'DEAD REDEMPTION'. Continuing the energy and the vibe, the music slowly starts to sip into your mind. One cannot even imagine how much effort went into writing about such esoteric and philosophical topics while keeping the truth consistently on top.

This track is about the determination to carve out your path, reclaim what's rightfully theirs, and build a legacy of success despite the odds stacked against them. There is a determination to reclaim what was taken, possibly referring to opportunities, rights, or dignity that have been denied or stolen.

Turning hardships into a legacy of success, A.R. Tokin' raps about a journey from poverty or obscurity to prosperity and prominence. The synchronicity with glitches in this track is all about finding harmony or success even if one faces setbacks and obstacles. 'DEAD REDEMPTION' is also Tokin' arc of financial empowerment and independence, turning money into digits, and navigating a drifting market highlight the financial acumen and ability to thrive in a volatile economic landscape.

A.R. Tokin' wants complete control over his financial destiny and refuses to be a victim of exploitation. This track also becomes the voice of defiance against authority figures and societal norms that seek to control or oppress. All this stems from a rebellious spirit and a personality that refuses to conform to expectations.

As we said before, this EP is one of those gems that make you think and appreciate the writing as well as the delivery of the whole theme with a powerful performance backed up by the intensity of its music.

There is another strong criticism of American society. References to democracy turning into a scam and the government's exploitation suggest a critical view of American institutions and their failure to serve the interests of the people. This only goes to prove how much knowledge A.R Tokin' has got from his life experiences as he even goes on to extend the narrative to broader global issues.

Finally, Tokin' talks about going through tough times like being locked up in jail and facing struggles, but he doesn't let those experiences define him. Instead, he learns from them and becomes stronger. He mentions how standing up for himself was important during those hard times. Despite facing difficulties, he manages to turn his life around and build a family. This shows how he grows as a person and moves past his past troubles.

Yet another track that revolves around perseverance, self-improvement, and social commentary is 'ENTER MY MIND'. Musically, it is a slow-burning flame that burns under the fuel of A.R Tokin''s multi-layered vocals giving out the overall message of empowerment.

You can feel the gravity of the music and vocals intertwining, slowly 'entering your mind'. The melody and beat are tough putting heavy emphasis on the value of time interpreted through its loop of synth while using a tighter rhythm to show the importance of staying focused on personal growth.

There is conviction, there is confidence and there is a lot of passion filled in this track, giving you the 'born on the grind' energy and being a source of wisdom. Tokin' reflects a resilient attitude toward overcoming obstacles and continuously striving for improvement.

It comes back to some social issues of inequality and injustice, a dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire for change. Tokin' strongly demands reform. On the other hand, there are elements of spiritual and philosophical reflection throughout the lyrics.

Ending with 'I SAID IT', this EP outshines with its sheer quality. Keeping things minimal in music, this track is about determination and commitment to achieving goals. Acknowledging the challenges, A.R. Tokin' raps about adaptability and resourcefulness in navigating life's challenges, with a belief in fate or destiny.

Although there is an underlying frustration with being overlooked or underestimated, Tokin' expresses patience and perseverance in the face of slow progress. This final line of the final verse reinforces the theme of resilience and determination, suggesting an innate drive to succeed. At this point, nothing is holding him back!

'MEANER THAN EVIL' is a huge achievement by A.R Tokin' for staying true to his ambitions. This EP is like a solid fortress, built on the strong pillars of top-notch production, catchy tunes, skillful rapping, and meaningful lyrics. It's easy on the ears and rich in substance, and to be honest, that's what Hip-Hop is all about. A.R. Tokin's words hit home, touching on life's ups and downs with a sincerity that resonates deeply.

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