Safe Haven

With baseball season rolling in, what better way to start the fun than with Safe Haven's new track, 'Barry Bandz'. This song is the perfect hype-up jam for fans getting ready to enjoy a summer and swing for the fences.

The title of the song gives a nod to the star Barry Bonds, a song that's not just about having a good time but also about hustling and chasing your dreams as he raps ‘What they put me through, knowing I could never lose’.

Many of you may not be aware, but Safe Haven has experienced a difficult and sad history of dealing with vocal cord paralysis. Yet, deep within his heart, the love for music kept him going through his recovery since his early adulthood. And now, here we are, listening to one of his finest songs, delivered in his unique and dynamic voice.
Safe Haven kicks off the fun with, 'Barry Bonds, I got all of the juice,' poking fun at some of the drama and all the fuss surrounding the legend. Another line, 'I would plant a thousand trees, just to get the paper,' is an equally hilarious way to describe extreme lengths just to make some cash, talk about dedication!

As Safe Haven is ready to become the ultimate tree-hugging, money-making machine, there's even a line 'Money maker all day like an LA Laker,' which is a direct reference to the NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

But underneath the fun, there's a message about working hard and never giving up. The emotions of wanting to be appreciated for who you are and mentioning sports heroes like Derek Jeter elevates the whole sports feel of the song.
Let's talk about music. Here, we have a unique and classy beat, merging the patterns of percussion and a powerful kick becoming the driving force of the rhythm. Secondly, melodies are made from layers of subtle and spatial elements, cleverly looped.

Safe Haven's production is infectious, filled with pulsating instrumental, catchy hooks, engaging variations and most importantly, the rap itself. The flow, the speed and even the wordplay feel and sound powerful as it all comes down to Haven's rap style and talent.

Enjoy a day at the ballpark, make sure to add 'Barry Bandz' to your playlist and get pumped up for some insane sports. And who knows, maybe Safe Haven's vibes will even inspire you to hit a home run of your own.

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