DJ DeT Vibe
The most anticipated return of the EDM master DJ DeT Vibe brings you a familier sound through a remix of his previous song 'Slade'. And not just an instrumental remix, but a full fledged song featuring Fe Malefiz's vocals.

One fascinating aspect of 'Slade Remix' is that it's sung in German. Language has a big impact on how we feel about a song, and in this case, you can really sense it. What's most striking is how well the music matches the language and the way the lyrics flow.

Being a love song, this one has every mind-blowing ingredient that serves you the wild energy of modern EDM. A mix of wall-punching beat with highly diverse electronic sounds give you the feeling of euphoria and excitement.

This song beautifully reveals the deep connection between two people through expressions of longing and love. It carries a sense of mystery and charm, fueled by its uplifting melodies, interesting textures, and innovative sound design. The rhythm and synths add a thrilling sense of escapism, making you feel alive and eager to hit the dance floor.

Fe Malefiz's voice effortlessly takes the lead, soloing with precision during the intense beat drops in this bass-heavy track. As the chorus opens up, her vocals showcase an impressive range of harmonies like a waterfall. You can feel the thickness of the kick hitting your ear-drums with snappy snare and hi-hats that maintain the ripples of the rhythm and clarity that separates them.

The overall tone of the song strikes a balance between the sparkling highs of the synths and the deep, sultry lows of the bass. The atmosphere is dominated by lush reverbs and delays that extend far beyond the usual spatial boundaries. There's a remarkable amount of creativity evident in the arrangement, with effects being carefully crafted and triggered manually on top of the existing instrumental track.

This song comes from a person who loves and values someone close. Fe Malefiz sings about feeling grateful for the kindness and want her love to always be by her side. She feels understood and happy with this person, and they hope the relationship lasts forever.

This track stands out from typical EDM by leaning towards a dreamy and chill-out style, offering a more relaxing and soothing experience that aligns well with its theme. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and consistency, avoiding unnecessary complexity or distractions. Instead, it focuses on capturing the sentiment and groove of the song, creating a calming atmosphere that perfectly complements its purpose.

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