'FireHeart' by Omer B

Omer B is back again with another banger! This time bringing the delicacy of instrumental rock that keeps the music flowing through your veins.

Right away, 'FireHeart' brings you the sustaining chords of Lorena Patricia Ramirez Ruiz's piano and the polite rhythm of Andrea Ciaccio's acoustic drums. It immediately changes your state of mind to pure bliss and injects the fire of ambition and courage into your heart. Shizupi's bass is playful, channelling immense energy for low-frequency-centric sound.

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Omer B always brings the best out of each instrument, and with his experience and knowledge, he knows how to arrange, compose and perform beyond expectations. There's a whole bridge section that adds beautiful melodic transcendental qualities of Omer B's guitars with spatial and atmospheric delay and reverb.

The main focus of this track is Omer B's electric guitar. The entire instrumental is a red-carpet walk for his guitar solo performance. You'll hear strumming in the background as the lead distortion flows through a variety of signatures that include riffs, vibratos, pitch bendings, syncopation and so much more.

'FireHeart' is a gold mine for the explorers of music, an instrumental infused with optimism for peace, harmonious melodies, and positive vibes resonating throughout the universe.

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