Marcus "M-Positive" Parker

'Grown Folk Business' guides you through life's challenges, as its 'Intro' track reflects on Marcus's journey in making music, specifically motivational rap, which he started doing around 2004-2005.

Marcus "M-Positive" Parker initially began rapping for kids in schools because teachers suggested it would engage them better. Now, many years later, he sees those same kids as adults facing adult challenges like relationships and parenting.

He believes it's time to make music for grown-ups, addressing real-life issues and providing guidance on how to deal with them.

Marcus's rap on the album is powerful and full of passion, leading his verses with strong emotion and rhythm. The beat hits hard, and the melody is intense, creating a catchy electronic sound that's both musically solid and rhythmically energetic.

Handling adulthood, the title track 'Grown Folk Business' reflects on the daily struggles faced by grown-ups with bills, work, family, and other pressures. Marcus acknowledges the reality that life isn't easy and sometimes feels overwhelming, but it is important to understand the seriousness and complexity of issues, highlighting the part of the journey to maturity.

The main idea of this album is to support you in your journey, especially when you're working hard to achieve your goals. It continues that focus by providing exactly what you need to keep pushing forward.

'Thank You' values the power of saying thank you and how these small words can make a big difference in someone's day and outlook on life. Marcus through this track tells stories of people who work hard and sacrifice for others, like a single mother and her complaining teenager or someone holding down a job and maintaining a relationship.

It highlights the importance of acknowledging the efforts of others, especially those who may not hear appreciation often. 'Thank You' is to express gratitude and recognise the efforts of those who make our lives better, even if it's not always easy.

Heavy bass and kick are the identity of the beat on most of these tracks, working as the establishment for every other musical element on top of it. Marcus's voice has a balance of serious and uplifting tone. His genuinely positive personality as a youth motivator gives your confidence a boost through this album.

'Emotion Technician' is a track that addresses anxiety and stress, acknowledging the challenges they bring. With Marcus facing his struggles with anxiety he also pledges to make efforts to overcome them. He drives you to confront your emotions, recognise your worth, and face your problems head-on.

The track advises staying focused, making thoughtful decisions, and not letting negative opinions affect self-esteem. It's a message of resilience and determination to overcome anxiety and stress to live a better life.

Taking a turn towards 'Happy Father's Day,' this one celebrates fathers and father figures, recognising their sacrifices and efforts in raising their children. Sometimes their contributions may go unnoticed, but they continue to stay strong and supportive. The song honours the various roles fathers play, from being providers to being mentors and emotional support.

This track confidently shows appreciation for fathers not just on Father's Day, but every day. A tribute to the dedication and love of fathers and father figures everywhere.

'I'm Trying to Heal' gives you a desire to heal from past wounds and traumas. Here, Marcus's rap prioritises healing over material success and addresses the misconception that life is only for making money.

Marcus even shares his own experiences and wisdom, encouraging you to confront your emotions, own your struggles, and prioritise self-improvement. This track strongly urges honesty, forgiveness, and self-reflection as essential steps towards healing and personal growth. It defines the value of emotional well-being over external achievements.

Another track from this album is an ever-lasting commitment to choosing happiness despite life's challenges. Marcus tells you how life can be tough sometimes. But he also directly speaks to you to stay positive, have faith, and work on improving yourself, even when things get hard.

With an easy-to-follow style, 'Happy' is a track whose lyrics and music are filled with gratitude, and perseverance, and holds a positive mindset, reminding you not to let your problems define who you are.

'Stressed' is musically and lyrically unique. With a refreshing flow and soothing melody, the lyrics tell the story of Marcus's journey through various challenges in life, from serving in the Air Force to facing financial setbacks and legal troubles.

Despite these hardships, he perseveres, turning to writing and speaking to inspire others. He recounts how he faced criticism for his positive messages in rap music but remained committed to helping people through tough times.

Marcus eventually finds solace in creating a stress-relief device, for emotional healing and resilience. The 'stress phone' he invents serves as a metaphor for finding motivation and comfort during difficult moments.

As we touch the end of this album, 'I Dream About A World' depicts Marcus's dream of a world where young people are inspired and driven. One cannot deny such motivation and education, using his music to instil positive messages in the youth.

Marcus is one of the artists who truly wants to inspire the younger generation to believe that nothing is impossible.

He challenges negative attitudes and encourages you to focus on your goals and visions. He reflects on his journey, asserting that he's actively working towards success and disregarding negativity.

Marcus envisions a future where young people are empowered to achieve their dreams. He expresses gratitude to his supporters and concludes with appreciation for their continued support.

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