This is the song that makes you want to groove and dream at the same time! A SOUTHDOGROCK classic whose music is a beautiful amalgamation of funk and subtle rock elements.
The band has added a new and exciting element to their music by incorporating both French and English verses into their lyrics. This international flair was inspired by their connections to the neighbouring region of Alsace, which has influenced their artistic direction.
This song may sound easy on the ears, but it is extremely complex when it comes to the synchronization of all individual performances. It's amazing to hear artists of a high calibre working together to give you a song about cherishing dreams, memories, and the connection between people, even when separated by time or distance.
The exceptional instrumental performances of skilled musicians such as the versatile guitarist Salva Balbo, the proficient drummer Roland Hasler, the bassist Jean-Marc Mazzoleni with his endless energy, and the keyboardist and programmer Frank Schultz's wizardry, are all fuelled by a fast-paced rhythm.
'Dream on' as the vocals of Marie Fonné and Florian Döppert remind you not just of their sweet voices but to keep yearning and believing in the possibility of your dreams coming true.
It reminisces about childhood dreams of endless summers and playing under the sky, with the intricacies and shyness that come with growing older.
As the song goes on, it tells a story about summers gone by, sharing secrets, and hoping to meet again someday. The spoken part at the end is like a promise that dreams can come true if we believe in them. 'Dreamer' is a reminder to keep dreaming!