Drew Cole

Mirroring your inner turmoil, 'Dear My Anxiety,' fulfils Drew Cole's purpose of giving you the hope and desire to feel better in tough times. It's Drew's fight that becomes yours, as he takes you on the battle against anxiety.

What you get is a breakthrough of positive emotions after going through the phases of struggle, hope and determination. A relatable song for the ones looking for a drive to overcome inner demons and find a way to move forward positively.

The sound of 'Dear My Anxiety,' is an exceptional collaboration of multi-dimensional electric guitars, calming piano, thundering beat and a deep bass. Technically, the instrumental has higher lows with proportional mids, resulting in heavy yet warm and saturated tones.

Apart from the cinematic quality of this song, the composition is directional and dynamic, with motion that supports the expressive lyricism.

Drew's vocals reveal a lot about how he feels and what's he going through. He's emotionally dead inside, burdened by heavy feelings that weigh him down like a tombstone. He feels lost and unable to find his way back to feeling normal.

With all the good qualities he has and good people in his life who care about him, Drew's racing heart is still affected by anxiety and stress, making it hard to keep going. After all this, Drew still hopes for stability and progress, with the support of love from those around him.

Within the depths of his beautiful voice, there is a strong urge of wanting to kill the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed by emotions. Drew wants to break free from this state and start fresh, to change his life and break old habits. Eventually, as Drew loses control, he reminds himself that these struggles are normal and that he's not alone in feeling this way.

'Dear My Anxiety,' illustrates Drew Cole's crippling anxiety he's been going through lately. It is his first self-produced song since 2016, a song many people need to self-heal.

Drew Cole is a talented singer from Seattle, Washington, who now lives in Los Angeles. He grew up listening to a mix of music, like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and started playing guitar when he was 11. He's influenced by singers from different eras, like Freddie Mercury and John Mayer.

Drew's music is a mixture of soul, rock, and pop, and he says that making music feels like sharing a part of himself with the world. Even though it can be hard work, he loves it when people connect with his songs.