William John Titus Bishop

'I Don't Remember You At All' is a song from the ever-glowing evocative domain of William John Titus Bishop's music catalogue that holds magic in its peculiar experimental music. The amplifying distortion that ignites the instrumental simplicity and soul-stirring vocals in this song creates an abstract painting full of emotions.

There are feelings of forgetfulness, longing, and the fear of being forgotten. William doesn't remember someone he once knew, even though he met outside a church and shared a moment. Despite not remembering, he acknowledges the warmth and goodness he felt from that presence.

William's voice has a sense of loss or missed connection between bodies, implying that sometimes all we can do is exist alongside each other without truly understanding or bonding deeply.

As poetic as this song is, the melody also compliments the subjective nature of memory and significance. William wants to protect innocence and reveals the need to hold onto certain things and feelings, especially the line 'catch a body coming through the Rye' which is likely a reference to the classic poem 'Comin' Thro' the Rye' by Robert Burns.
William John Titus Bishop finds comfort in music, as the song is still enjoyable despite not remembering the person fully and the memory of the person's voice brings both pleasure and pain.

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