Michael M Jeni

Among the many gems that Michael has in his discography, his new song 'No Friends' deals with the complexities of dealing with fake friends and the belief in karma.

Melodic and breezy, the music has Michael's signature sound. With the infectious rhythm of Afrobeat, Michael sets the tone right from the start with his intro where he addresses jealousy and deception head-on.

The guitar guides you through the turmoil of Michael's life as he expresses honestly, setting a stark boundary for late-night calls and insincere interactions. Here, he is signalling a clear disconnection from those who harbour envy.

Michael's vocals express how turbulent things have been lately. Sleepless nights torture him, and finding peace seems like an untouchable dream. You can feel that he senses envy around him, yet, Michael remains committed in his clarity. He desires honesty and directness, demanding those who speak ill of him to confront him face-to-face.

This song is very deep and rings with conviction. Michael continues to sing about his belief in karma stressing that actions have consequences. He firmly believes that eventually, karma will catch up to those who spread negativity and deception.

Another thing that this song covers is the nature of relationships. Michael distinguishes between genuine bonds and mere acquaintanceships. The most touching and heartbreaking part of this song is when Michael talks about the pain of losing his mother and the ongoing struggle to heal from that loss.

This personal trauma strengthens his choice for isolation, claiming that he doesn't need anyone who doesn't genuinely care for him. In the end, 'No Friends' is a song that reminds you of the importance of surrounding ourselves with genuine connections and staying true to our values.