As a song of struggles and sacrifices, P.G.L.U brings his perspective of a complex relationship. The song itself is a banger with its self-discovering sound of punk-pop.

P.G.L.U's voice is an antidote for someone who is imprisoned and unable to break free. His vocals continue to express the feeling of being different from others like a mutant.

The power chords on this track are unrestrained while the pop beat hits the mark with its pace and impact. The music is breathing emotion in this theme, building an atmosphere for dismantling barriers.

Lyrically, P.G.L.U deals with overcomplicating situations. Even though things are unintentional, P.G.L.U has to carry the emotional burden of unresolved issues.

There's conflict in his mind as he is trying to settle the conflict and even has a willingness to give up certain things for the sake of his relationship, even if it means losing.

'Death Bed' is P.G.L.U's feeling of being suffocated, trapped and hopeless while sparking a desire for peace and the strength to get out of being pressured into a certain path in a relationship.

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