Post Death Soundtrack
A duo from Vancouver summons a storm of heavy, dark, and gritty rhythms of doom metal with heathen guitars and brazen bass. With this latest release from the album 'Veil Lifter', Post Death Soundtrack speaks of betrayal, disillusionment, and desperation.

Exploring the emotional turmoil, Stephen Moore's vocals and lyrics express being overlooked with the vision of creativity and purpose. Stephen also gave an epic guitar performance with Jon Ireson's bass thundering underneath. The rhythm, the driving force of their music, rests firmly on the shoulders of Casey Lewis on drums.

Here, powerful riffs themselves are a reflection of relationships and identity. The sheer aggression is a strong breakdown in interpersonal relationships with feelings of disappointment stemming from expectations that were not met.

The explosive energy of this song has a lot to do with the specific choices that were made during production. Every turn this song takes brings variety to the composition. As the melodies unfold and the vocal harmonies unite, the pace synchronises with your heartbeat.

This song makes you the main character, the one who feels abandoned, the one who chooses to be defensive and fierce to protect yourself. The emperor and the queen reference covers a broader societal theme, giving you the feeling of being marginalized. In the end, scavenging for survival becomes the primal instinct and desperation.
'Lowdown Animal' has a primal, instinctual nature to its music. Post Death Soundtrack has created a sound of deep hunger that unleashes the chaotic wilderness of your mind.