Darrell Kelley

Darrell Kelley has nothing but love in his heart for women whose beauty and kindness he celebrates. What 'Big Women' tells us is that size doesn't define worth.

The music is modern and tuned to the taste of many, as Kelley sings of finding comfort in the arms of a mysterious big woman after a rough patch in life. 

Kelley's words describe a bold story! His ex-girlfriend left him when times were tough, but he found a haven in the form of a beautiful big woman from across town. She didn't just offer him a place to stay; she offered him love, warmth, and understanding.

What's so special about this big woman, you might wonder? Well, according to Kelley, there's plenty. This big woman, he sings, brings comfort to his stress on a cold night.

She always has something delicious simmering, making sure that no one goes hungry. She is Kelley's emotional support and love. She sees him for who he is, a good man going through a tough time, and she stands by his side, offering unwavering support and affection.

The song also has a fun, empowering message for big women everywhere. It encourages them to hit the dance floor, wave their hands, and show their confidence and beauty. There's a playful jab at skinny girls, but the message is clear, big women have their unique charm and influence.

Darrell Kelley’s 'Big Women' is a song that admires beauty, strength, and the irreplaceable role of women in their loved ones' lives. Darrell's true love sees beyond the horizon, finding beauty in the heart and soul.

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