Ghost in the Machine

When Ghost In The Machine decided to cover Pat Benatar’s iconic hit 'Heartbreaker,' they didn’t just want to duplicate the high-energy rock anthem. Instead, they aimed to go deeper, making an acoustic version of a fractured soul of a betrayed lover.

Among the two different cover versions included in 'Hurt and Broken,' 'Heartbreaker (Hurt) - Acoustic/unplugged' and 'Heartbreaker (Broken) - Industrial/experimental', their artistic vision of 'Hurt' brings the quiet sorrow of the night and the lingering pain of love gone wrong.

The guitar work is at its excellence, sharp and edgy, reciting the detailed patterns on strings and rhythm. The steady and blazing drums are heavy and dense accompanied by cleverly added percussion.

The massive punch of bass and kick together brings out the heaviness for the fans of this duo. This musical chemistry brings a classic into a completely new light.

Composing a cover song with such careful consideration and skilful arrangement, the energy stays unmatched, focusing on the emotional core, offering a new way to experience its powerful message.

Vocals bring a different emotional tone and add a new dimension to the song. They deliver a fresh perspective on the theme, improving the song's raw and vulnerable feel.

This cover has a delicate balance of the original song’s nuances and an innovative approach to making it their own. Although the structure is the same, it is far from merely mimicking the original. 

Ghost In The Machine ensured that their version created a rendition that would resonate with people’s own experiences of love and loss, making them feel the same intensity and emotion as the original.

'Hurt' is a masterful example of how a classic song can be reinterpreted and transformed. It represents originality with faithfulness, proving that even the most familiar songs can be seen through a new lens.

About Ghost In The Machine:

“Covering Pat Benatar's 'Heartbreaker' ignited a creative firestorm, sparking four distinct interpretations. 'Hurt' and "Broken" stand as the final two chapters, offering more twists of hurt and broken heart.”

Ghost In The Machine surprises fans with their fresh take on Pat Benatar's classic 'Heartbreaker' in their new single 'Hurt & Broken.' The song is a two-part journey through heartbreak, starting with 'Hurt,' an acoustic piece that captures quiet sorrow, and ending with 'Broken,' a fierce, industrial track filled with rage.

Ghost In The Machine's ground-breaking music has become a fixture of 21st-century pop culture. Their songs weave seamlessly into major network shows like ABC's "Mistresses," CBS's "Madam Secretary," CW's "Arrow," NBC's "Miss USA," and FOX's "Raising Hope."

Their reach extends beyond television, soundtracking feature films ("The Marine 4: Moving Target," "H2O Extreme"), indie flicks ("Frakenhood," "Ace of Hearts," "Shred"), and even commercials for major brands like Gymkhana, Optima Batteries, Red Bull, and Monster Energy.

In a chaotic world, Ghost In The Machine provides a musical escape. C4 and Face, the band’s leaders, create more than just songs; they weave sounds into something special. Their music is full of meaning and inspiration, pulling listeners in like a powerful force.

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