Steve Young

Standing beneath a sky heavy with rain clouds, Steve Young sings his pain, bearing the weight of loneliness and disarray. Transforming the atmosphere, Steve's voice is here to flood your mind with feelings that hold a strong contrast between turmoil and introspection.

Steve's classic voice and harmonies make a comeback, revealing that his latest creation isn't just another song. It's indeed a piece of his life engraved on a melody of forthcoming sadness or hardship.

Strings of guitars, strummed and plucked, turn into raindrops falling on your skin. The drums carry a tempo that dictates the mood, the rhythm that has strength but also represents a struggle to search for meaning in all these experiences. With bass, the mix gets profound and desirable low-end against the highs of hi-hats and cymbals.

Besides the instrumentals, what stands out are Steve's vocal harmonies; the ones with the power of a thousand suns, with their phenomenal range and most importantly, the ones that define Steve Young's music.

From the thought process that went into their composition to their arrangement and execution, everything about these beautiful harmonies is an ultimate musical experience, through and through.

The lyrical territory has emotions of abandonment and bewilderment as if grappling with the sudden absence of someone dear. The depth and darkness of the sea bring the depth of the emotional pain, where even light struggles to penetrate.

There are voices from nature echoing the unrest, perhaps a longing for answers or guidance. There is a struggle to understand the complexities of love, and a warning not to seek shelter from its challenges. 'Rain Clouds' depicts life's storms with an urge to face reality, even when it's difficult. The song ends with a melancholic ambience, a backdrop of a rainy day.

About Steve Young

From a small town in Scotland, Steve Young is not only the singer and songwriter of all his songs but also a producer and a proficient saxophonist. What makes Steve an interesting and unique artist is his ability to create a sense of nostalgia with his production and themes. His music could be described as the modernization of nostalgia. It is a sound that prioritizes emotions over gimmicks.

From classic rock to catchy pop tunes, Steve's outlook on music has always been experimental, bringing something new and unpredictable. Steve's vocal harmonies and compressed rhythmic signatures are surely inspired by many great artists, past and present. You can hear inspiration from the Beatles, Crosby, and even Tom Petty in the melodic and technical aspects of his music.

Steve puts a lot of energy into spreading awareness about mental health and the environment. Music has become his beloved platform to shine a spotlight on such topics, too. Constantly evolving as an artist and as a person, Steve Young brings the symphony of life to you with his celestial melodies.