Arhkota 'Benti'

Once in a while, you'll come across a few songs that hold something beautifully unconventional. Such songs are well known for their creative and experimental sounds and textures. Such bold and rare music is what Arhkota brings to the table with this new single, 'Turn The Light Down'.

Apart from creating unpredictability and intrigue, Arhkota has done an amazing job of combining emotional warmth and intellectual depth underneath the melodic, stylistically advanced composition.

The saxophone is the foundation of this track and is played in a lovely dyad by Frida De La Sota. Your journey starts with comfort and intimacy. Then comes the lyrics, vocals and harmonies, whispering feelings of desire. Lubna Maher's lyrics are stunning, delivered perfectly through their raspy, sensual voice.

The drums kick in with percussion, transforming the rhythm into a catchy, satisfying flow with thrilling precision. The beat has an immeasurable amount of variety!

There are even more atmospheric and experimental elements to explore in this track. Many electronic tones and higher background vocals fade in and out, sustained by subtle psychedelic reverbs and time-delay effects.

Let's appreciate the level of mixing and overall production Arhkota has done here. Pre-mastered by Alex Miller and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi, Released on 19th April 2024, 'Turn The Light Down' is a boundary-pushing, thought-provoking song and is just a peek into the magnificent journey of Arhkota's new album 'Benti'.