Delti Becker

What does avant-garde style music sound like? Well, look no further than Delti Becker's entire music catalogue! A true artist who makes music fearlessly, breaking away from industry norms and giving the audience something new with every release.

Speaking of Delti's innovative sound, 'Follow Me' is a stunning work of art that invites you on an adventure through dark times. This single is the centrepiece of Delti's upcoming album 'Barely Human'. Officially released on the 2nd of July 2024, 'Follow Me' is a grand entry into Delti's album that takes you through heartbreak, desire, rage, and deep thoughts, showing a man's fight to stay human in tough times.

The thrilling music of this single is a fusion of thoughtful lyricism, synths, strings, piano, and a spectacular performance from Delti's vocals. Going beyond the horizon, this song is a leading theme to a deep and artistic exploration of human emotions explored even further in 'Barely Human'.

The industrial sounds, haunting melodies, strong and precise beat, and echoing vocals are all more than just ambient elements, these represent the abstract and symbolic imagery of companionship and loyalty through the tough challenges of life. This symbolism is taken to the next level on Delti's Instagram where you will find cryptic and fascinating visuals that add to this mystery.

'Follow Me' is just the beginning and an introduction to what comes next. It's the getaway to 'Barely Human', an album full of emotions and thought processes of a character who is in love and tormented by it with a haunting obsession. In this darkness, Delti's music is like a guiding light, leading you through the twists and turns of life.

Delti Becker is a bold composer and songwriter who challenges musical standards. His music, with a uniqueness that cannot simply be classified, draws you into a domain of unknown, overwhelming sentiments, and pure honesty. 'Barely Human,' is ready to take all of you to an other-worldly place, starting from this single 'Follow Me'. Stay tuned!