Sad Alien album 'Cosmic Overdrive'

With 'Frameshift Megadrive,' Sad Alien has built a world where the 1980s synth era meets the intensity of metal. The power of nostalgic and futuristic sound is combined and delivered with superb production, like travelling through a neon-lit, cosmic world where the past and future collide.

This retro-futuristic headbanging instrumental is loaded with synths with a variety of tones and patterns. The riotous hit from the earth-shattering bass and beat will make your heart race. It's a track that makes you visualise light speed.

The guitar solo enters the scene ending on a high note giving you a small intro to what's coming next. Then comes a pause, and it steps up the evolution of this track even further!

From this point, you are entering into a massive hurricane of distorted metal guitars, even more synths and surprisingly, operatic vocals, ultimately ending on a high note!

This track is just a peek into the full-fledged ultimate synthwave experience by the beloved artist Sad Alien. Yes, 'Frameshift Megadrive' is from Sad Alien's latest album 'Cosmic Overdrive,' a journey through time and space, a five-track kaleidoscope of neon lights.

Sad Alien, a talented producer from Turkey, has been creating synthwave music for nearly a decade. Known for a passion for vintage synthesizers and immersive soundscapes, Sad Alien has gained a loyal following and critical acclaim. Bringing a unique heavy metal influence, the music features a mix of guitar riffs and metal traditions.