Franki Love's New Album 'Stars'

Franki Love's music has always been transcendental and atmospheric. This time with 'What Is Will Be,' Franki brings the soothing charm of her voice and piano performance. With this new meditative new age ambient sound, Franki spreads the message of accepting perspective on life and love.

The music and rhythm for this song both come from Franki's classically trained piano skills. The instrumental accepts the present and future with grace, giving you a feeling of the passage of time, the healing nature of love and the importance of patience and trust in the suspense of life.

Both the composition and presentation follow simplicity, clarity and sing-along quality and still manage to deliver an emotional stream. You can hear the soft synths gradually rising as the song goes on. The overall dreamy vibe has strong ties with what Franki sings.

The lyrics are about the inevitability and trust in the natural course of events. The lyrics also cover elements of relationships and love, mentioning the uncertainty about when or how people might come together or reunite.

Franki's voice expresses the emotional wounds from love and gives you the wisdom to embrace the interconnection of the present and future. 'What Is Will Be' is contemplative with Franki's vocals having deep feelings, introspection, or contentment. The overall final message of this song is understanding the flow of life.

'What Is Will Be' is a new single from Franki Love's upcoming album 'Stars' which you can pre-order now.

Franki Love is an award-winning singer and songwriter who began playing piano at age four. She started her music career in Los Angeles, performing in coffee shops, and gained recognition with awards such as 'Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year' at the L.A. Music Awards. Her song 'Shadow' received several accolades, including recognition from the Billboard International Song contest.