Dean Cooper

Dean Cooper is bringing back '80s hard rock with a bang! Reviving the epicness of that era, this one is your song about the joy of being alive and celebrating life to the fullest.

Your journey of self-discovery is at the heart of this music. The lyrics are easy to follow and are composed with powerful crushing drums, bass and strong incredible guitars.

This jam-packed song also includes every single element inspired by bands like Van Halen, from a guitar solo to classic lively vocals with amazing harmonies.

Far from worries and stress, this song has the motivation to give you the feeling of being free. But on the other hand, it also relates to you about someone special in your life who makes you happy. In the end, enjoying life every day is what this is all about!

From their upcoming album 'One Heart One Mind', 'I'm Alive' carries love that brings new beginnings with a resolution to win the heart of someone you want in your life, making that someone your strength.

With artists Herman Kuijper, Jaap DeenRein Kuijper, and Rob Lundgren, Dean Cooper has created a musical time machine that takes their fans back to the 80s.