It's Over by Second Choice

The gothic revolution continues as Second Choice takes you through the darkest parts of the human heart. Once again, with a beautiful voice and heart-breaking lyrics, Dimi De San sings about lost love and the unstoppable march of time from a dark and lonely place.

The stunning operatic vocals battle the past by asking existential questions through unseen tears and unheard prayers. Atmospheric instrumental represents the time and transience, rooted deeply within the the stillness of sorrow.

The melodic and melancholic combination of keys, strings and pads searches for remains of love in the ruins of past experiences while casting shadows over the present. The subtlety in bass and guitar tones adds to the struggle between passion and desire.

Fredrik Lindström's music is a medium of wonders. The composition and production have a story of clarity and closure after the night of desolation. The music adds intensity to the overgrowing misery but also echoes its richness in quality and talent.
'It’s Over' marks a moment of acceptance, realising the past and finding peace. This song is like bleeding roses and fading stars showing your life trapped in sadness as you see the remaining love in the ruins of your heart.

In the end, for all your cries, there's no comfort. Consumed by passion, you are left with nothing but emptiness. 'It's Over' makes you realise that what you loved is gone, and there's no point in fighting anymore. It's a song of surrender to overwhelming grief.