For music to truly blow your mind, it takes the musical genius of someone like Joel Jossy to manifest his spellbinding wizardry. So, here he is, with yet another banger of production, a supercharged rock anthem called 'Journey'. This time, teaming up with Marcello Vieira, Joel's masterpiece is about personal growth and self-discovery.

The rhythmic pattern, lead guitar riff, and subtle flute fillers all stem from Joel's Indian classical background, standing tall on the foundations of the traditional heavy rock genre. This music fuses these two sounds from two distinct cultures. This fusion does wonders to introduce Joel's multiversal production for any of you first-time listeners.

So, what is the meaning behind this song? Well, there's a lot to uncover in this stream of positivity!

A soul finds a home through the experiences and travels it undertakes. But the journey itself is more important than the destination. And this view on life is exactly how the first verse of this song begins.

The song's lyrics share valuable wisdom, and the singer's voice expresses the emotions behind the message. It's about understanding that life is more than just achieving goals; it's about transformation and knowledge from experiences. Eventually, these experiences become your guidance, as the verse goes on to underline the importance of independence and self-reliance.

Moving to the pre-chorus, this song represents the pouring of love and effort into one's journey. The rock elements continue to create an atmosphere that brings awareness of uncertainties and challenges in this part of the process. Change in chord progression summons the emotions of trust with a message that the road of life will eventually provide the answers one seeks. It's about faith and patience.

Then comes the grand opening of the chorus bringing peace and confidence. A wall of voices reaching the skies beyond harmonies and octaves as they sing with no fear or worry. There's an inner compass guiding them. Relatable to many of you, this 'Journey' is yours and this compass is your intuition, inner wisdom and a sense of purpose.

This chorus will tell you that despite the challenges you will face, you will find your way through life’s storms. This song overall has an inner compass guiding you, making you trust yourself.

As we move on to the second verse, let's take a moment to appreciate Joel's exceptional production quality. The instrumental features many tiny variations, keeping every second of the song fresh and engaging. Joel's microscopic vision to interpret a traveller's identity in this 'Journey' is a rare talent seen only in a few great artists.

The second verse recites many of the difficulties that lie ahead in your life. The road, with all its twists and turns, will reveal its true self. This verse touches on the philosophical question of whether life is a dream or if we come from something greater, like the stars. In the end, the truth and answers you want might be right in front of you, just be present and mindful.

Another interesting aspect of this project is the Hindi version called 'Main Musafir' with Aditya Rao and Sujeet Anahata Thakur, which stands proudly alongside the current English version. This version bridges cultural gaps and reaches a wider, more diverse audience. It brings its own cultural context, idioms, and metaphors.

In this version, Certain words and phrases carry different emotional weights, affecting how the song feels. A stronger personal connection for the Hindi audience adds familiarity and comfort. It complements the phonetic and rhythmic characteristics of the language.

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