Tanner Christian Gesek

'Wonder' is a powerful display of Tanner's piano skills. The piece starts gently and gradually builds into a beautiful mix of melodies and chords. Each part of the music reflects Tanner's nearly 30 years of dedication to his craft, blending technical skill with deep sentiment.

This beautiful piano instrumental has floating notes between octaves and lush harmonic textures with a balanced use of dynamics and phrasing. Tanner's talent for making such a piece adds depth that feels personal to everyone. The delightful flow has the charm to stimulate soothing, relaxing and even optimistic emotions.

A journey of seeking rather than finding, It starts from curiosity, free from plans and directions, expressing light-heartedness, and the joy of discovery. It's now available on all major streaming platforms and must-listen for anyone looking for serenity in today's hectic world.

Tanner Christian Gesek is an American musician who plays multiple instruments and composes music. He is also a pianist. Tanner was born in California and grew up in Texas, where he eventually returned after spending time in New York City.

'Wonder' has a shimmering quality and uplifts many including his fans, bringing them to a place of peace and joy. Tanner describes this single as 'A melodic, peaceful piece with an undercurrent of energy that ties the whole composition together.'

'Wonder' is among seven gems from Tanner Christian Gesek's debut piano EP, a collection designed as warmth in lively winter energy in a complex world. It combines multiple piano themes with fine instrumental accents to thread rich, intertwined melodies. Each track is sunshine on snow.