Zachary Mason
Summer! Filling the days with the warmth of the golden light. The clear blue skies create a perfect setting for outdoor adventures and lazy afternoons in the garden. Enjoying such beautiful weather, Zachary Mason made this lovely song, bringing you the joy of sunny days.

'Sweet Sunshine' sounds like rolling hills and lush meadows, with the scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. The smooth rhythm and melody begin with the steady strumming of the acoustic guitar and drums. This song also features glaring tones on the keyboard and glittering electric guitar.

Zachary's dreamy voice is like the light of a sunny day that brings happiness and smiles to everyone. On the other hand, John Thomasson's bass plays along with the composition most creatively and playfully. 

Every element of this song is handcrafted, aiming towards the clear skies and setting you free from the pain and difficulties in the world. You can hear long-tailed reverbs on instruments as well as on vocals, slowly taking over your headroom and adding spatial depth.

'Sweet Sunshine' brings you comfort and relief, taking you far away from the polluted city for the fresh air and simple pleasures of the countryside. It celebrates the bright yellow sun and reminds you to enjoy the present journey more than the destination.

Zachary, a 26-year-old artist from Guildford, UK, has been prolific since spring 2021, creating over a hundred demo tracks using a recording kit gifted by a relative. He explores various genres with acoustic and electric guitars, as well as keyboards.

Inspired by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Mac DeMarco and The Beatles, Zachary credits producer Jordan Bridges for his outstanding work on his latest single and expresses gratitude to Nate Barnes and John Thomasson for their contributions.