Chancy Squire

Chancy Squire, a trailblazer in the world of music has a new hit on the block, a new single 'Heart That's Never Home'. This song speaks to anyone ever feeling like they're constantly searching for their place in the world. It helps you to express the bittersweet feelings of love and the inner battles we face when our hearts can't find a true home.

The song starts with a peaceful morning scene where the sunlight wakes you up. Heading towards the chorus, the song covers a heart that never feels settled. It continues with a sentiment where, even when you're with someone, there's a deep feeling of loneliness and a constant search for comfort.

Then comes another morning scene. But this time, something feels off. In a relationship, there's a hint of trouble and sadness even though the smile is there. A breakup is on the way even though you may not want to. All this tells a story of our generation finding it harder to maintain long-term relationships compared to previous ones.

It talks about a guy who just can't seem to stay in a relationship. No matter how things start, he always ends up leaving, feeling restless and lost. His girlfriend wants him to stay, but he just can't, leaving her alone and heartbroken.

For this single, Chancy Squire teams up with Christine Wegner for vocals, duetting with lead vocalist Klaus Rieger who also plays acoustic guitar alongside Wolfgang Vorpahl. The strumming and sliding of guitars immediately brings the country and folk style together. The warmth of the bass and the tightness of the drums boost the rhythm, it makes your head nod.

What's another interesting thing is, that the duet vocals for the chorus and bridge are widely performed in harmonies. Michael Austermeier has played bass, complementary guitars, keyboards, accordion and even vocals.

The quality of the recording is fantastic and the thoughtful composition has an introspective melody. Apart from being melancholic in many ways, it questions who wants to live with a heart that never feels settled or truly at home.