Plexus Solaire

A French-speaking band from Austria is undeniably exotic. In a sea of German and English-speaking bands, this unique selling point sets them apart. Plexus Solaire relies on quality, quality in songwriting, interpretation, live performances, and studio recordings.

Their album '2123' delivers ten sweet, charming, melodic songs that hit you right in the solar plexus, the nerve centre that regulates our internal organs. The band's name is no accident.

Plexus Solaire's view of a perfect sunny day and the timeless rhythm of a loving relationship is here to fill your heart with warmth. A bright and uplifting mood is what 'Day and Night' offers.

Poetically, this song delivers a passionate and continuous love, much like the ceaseless waves of the ocean. This love is a joyful experience, one that goes on day and night.

Walking beside a loved one feels effortless and wonderful, especially with the music of this song. The tropical-style, gloomy guitars and ukulele, playful whistling, peacemaking vocals and beefy bass have so much power to move you emotionally, it brings tears of bliss.

Melody is shaped by these instruments to teleport you to the middle of the carefree world that you always wished for, where you live your beautiful day, every day. The steady rhythm with the softness of drums and percussion represents the love, continuously finding balance and harmony.

This song also tells us that love isn't always easy. There are tough times, but these struggles make your love even more special and strong. Among all the struggles, there is a promise to stay committed through all the ups and downs, always creating something beautiful together.

Let's learn in brief about the exceptional artists behind Plexus Solaire.

First, we have Vincent Wohinz. He's one of the main guys behind the band. Vincent comes from a family of artists and studied philosophy, so his lyrics often explore deep, unsaid feelings. He sings and plays guitar, always aiming for perfection. Alex Fedorenko is another frontman and guitarist. He's from Western France and has travelled a lot, gathering stories from around the world. His experiences add a unique flavour to the band's music.

J├╝rgen Bauer plays the drums. He’s from Tyrol and is not just a musician but also an artist and graphic designer. His drumming gives the band a solid, rhythmic foundation, and he designs all their album covers. And finally, we have Peters Strutzenberger. He plays the bass. Peters ensures the bass lines fit perfectly with the rest of the music, adding depth and groove to the songs.

Together, they bring different backgrounds and skills to create the unique sound of 'Day and Night' from their new album '2123'.